Allen Reviews His All-American Week

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas offensive guard commitment Tray Allen talks about his play in Saturday's game, Texarkana quarterback Ryan Mallett and efforts to recruit Louisiana running back Joe McKnight to the Longhorns during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you feel you played today?

Tray Allen: I think I played pretty well other then trying to cut block those defensive ends.

IT: What position did you play today?

Allen: I played left tackle the whole time. I played all the offensive plays except one.

IT: Did you ever get to go against Marvin Austin?

Allen: I got Marvin on a reach block like a couple of times, but not too many times.

IT: Were there any areas you could have improved on in the game?

Allen: I can always improve on my cut blocking.

IT: In what areas did you excel during the game?

Allen: When I got down field on defensive backs and linebackers and safeties. I had like three or four pancakes on them.

IT: Which Texas commitment impressed you the most during the game?

Allen: Everybody did good. Michael Huey came off the ball driving people. Curtis Brown had a pick. John Chiles stepped in at receiver. He had a little nice game at receiver. Andre Jones had a sack. Blaine (Irby) played hell of special on special teams.

IT: What did you think of Curtis Brown's interception?

Allen: Yeah. We're going to look up next year and Curtis Brown is going to be on the field with an orange and white uniform starting at the corner spot, talking trash and locking down the best wide receivers in NCAA football.

IT: How does this week help you for your future at Texas?

Allen: It was great to build relationship with the guys. You're going to be with those guys for the next couple of years. I'm just looking forward to having fun at the University of Texas and playing for a great coach in coach Mack Brown and offensive line coach Mac McWhorter. I'm just so ready to get down there and get started.

IT: How far do you see this recruiting class being able to go at Texas?

Allen: To me, we're the number one recruiting class in the nation. Possibly, we can win a couple of national championships with this class.

IT: Of the six Texas commitments who played in the U.S. Army All-American game, you and Blaine Irby are the only two players not enrolling at Texas this month. How hard is going back to high school for a couple of months?

Allen: It's depressing me, because I'm not down there to lift weights and run the plays right then. When I come in, I want to be in business when I come. I'm already lifting weights and I'm going to be ready as far as focus.

IT: Is there anything else that you'll take away from this week?

Allen: Ryan Mallett is an exceptional player. We let him get outside of Texas. Ryan Mallett is a great player. I really wish he was going to Texas to tell you the truth. We're going to keep in contact for a long time.

IT: Did you have a chance to talk to Louisiana running back Joe McKnight one last time about Texas?

Allen: I've talked to Joe and let him talk to the right people that he needs to talk to. I'm not going to pressure him in trying to commit. He's a grown kid. If he wants to come Texas, he's going to come Texas. I guess the LSU boys that were here were trying to pressure him to go to LSU and then the USC boys were trying to get on him about USC. I told Joe that I would love for him to come to Texas.

IT: Are you going to stay in touch with him about Texas?

Allen: I'm going to give him a little bit of time to think about. I'm not going to just rush into it. Joe played a great game today. He was playing on a bum ankle and he scored a touchdown. He's a great player. He runs so smooth and that's what I really like about him, plus at practice he went out there and he cut a 60-yard touchdown. This guy is a player.

IT: Did you hear from the Texas coaches after today's game?

Allen: They said I played well and the Longhorns looked good. They texted me.

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