Donyea Hamilton: Talks Recruiting

SAN ANTONIO -- A ton of kids from Mesquite, Texas, took part in the U.S. Army National Combine this weekend. Horn High School's Donyea Hamilton was excited to be a part of the event. He talked about his top three schools and what he likes about each one.

"OK State, Florida State and Notre Dame," Donyea Hamilton replied when asked about his top schools. "With Florida State and Notre Dame, I like the tradition. As far as Ok State, I went on a lot of unofficials there. I just felt comfortable there."

Several other schools are also in the mix to land Hamilton. He ran down the list of schools that have been showing interest as of late.

"Oklahoma State and Notre Dame are the two that have been talking to me the most," Hamilton said. "I have been hearing from schools like Florida State, Stanford, Texas A&M, North Carolina, Indiana and Purdue."

Other notable players from the city of Mesquite at the combine were Lanear Sampson, Daymond Patterson, Bruce Hatton and Luke Halpin.

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