Irby: Ready to Play for Texas

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas tight end commitment Blaine Irby talks about his play in Saturday's game, the Longhorn fans at the game and his future in Austin during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you feel like you played today?

Blaine Irby: I didn't play to what I would have liked to have played. I missed a couple of tackles, but I was on every special teams and I played defense the whole time. I had a lot of fun and that's about the only thing that matters right now.

IT: In what areas did you play well?

Irby: I was around the ball the whole time. I was on every special teams. I thought our defense played really well. We really shutout their offense during the whole game except for that one pass.

IT: Were there any areas you could have improved on in the game?

Irby: Probably make some more tackles really, but really like I said I was just trying to have fun out there.

IT: Do you have a favorite play that you made?

Irby: Actually yeah. I made a couple of tackles and on a punt return I key-blocked for Mike Williams where I blocked two guys at the same time. I thought that was pretty cool.

IT: Which Texas commitment impressed you most during the game?

Irby: Probably Curtis (Brown) because of that big interception that he made.

IT: What did you think of that play?

Irby: I thought it was awesome. I was the linebacker on that side and I thought I was making a good break on the ball, but I guess he got to it first and the next thing I knew he was running to the end zone.

IT: Did you seem him celebrating by making the Hook'em gesture?

Irby: I did. I thought it was awesome. I thought it was great.

IT: Did any of the other Texas commitments standout to you during the game?

Irby: I think everyone kind of caught my eye just because it was the all-star game. I think everyone was just trying to have fun really. John (Chiles) didn't catch a pass, but when I saw Tray (Allen) he was doing really well. I thought the offensive line did really well.

IT: How does this week help you for your future at Texas?

Irby: I really don't know. I just know that I have to step my game up in order to succeed at the University of Texas. I just need to keep working hard and I think good things will come.

IT: What kind of potential does this recruiting class have?

Irby: I think we're going to do some big things. I think that our recruiting is not only getting players, but we all get along really well and I think that's pretty special to have.

IT: Of the players who participated in the game, who do you plan to stay in touch with?

Irby: The Texas guys and probably some of the linebacker core like Chris Galippo and Ryan Mallett definitely.

IT: Will you make efforts to talk to Joe McKnight again or not?

Irby: I don't know if so after this whole thing. I think Tray Allen and John Chiles are going to talk to him a lot.

IT: Of the six Texas commitments who played in the U.S. Army All-American game, you and Tray Allen are the only two players not enrolling at Texas this month. Do you wish you were enrolling early as well?

Irby: I do. It seems like I'm kind of being the outcast really by not enrolling early. I'm just going to finish up my senior year and then I'm all Texas'.

IT: What did you think of the Texas fans who attended Saturday's game?

Irby: I thought they were great. All of the little kids looked up to us like role models and I thought that was pretty cool. They asked for our wristbands and our gloves after the game. I never experienced anything like that.

IT: Do you think you are ready to play at Texas?

Irby: I think I am, but I do have some work in the off-season. I feel like when the time does come, I'm going to be ready.

IT: Do you expect to compete for playing time as a freshman?

Irby: Yeah. I do expect to play as soon as possible. It really all depends on me and what I do when I get there.

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