Dan Buckner Has Good Combine

SAN ANTONIO -- One of the most physically gifted wide receivers at the U.S. Army National Combine was Allen's Dan Buckner. He has a lot of potential and could develop into a great receiver as he matures. Buckner is already up to seven scholarship offers early in the recruiting process.

"I have one from Notre Dame, OU, Boston College, Nebraska, Rice, Baylor, Texas Tech and there might be a couple of others but I'm not sure about right now," Dan Buckner said.

At this point in time, Texas and Notre Dame are two schools that are high on Buckner's list. He talked about his interest in both programs.

"I talked to Texas a whole lot especially when we were making our playoff run. Coach Kennedy was down there talking to me," Buckner said. I talk to Notre Dame every day. Actually, I just called Coach Ianello a couple of days ago, and I talk to Coach Weis."

Buckner went to a summer camp at Notre Dame before his junior season. Everything that he experienced in South Bend left a lasting first impression on him.

"I got a chance to go Notre Dame this summer for their camp, and I think I did pretty good. I got a chance to see their facilities a little bit. You know not in great detail, but I saw that. I talked to a whole bunch of their coaches. It was a real down to earth place, and I know that there is a lot of tradition behind Notre Dame. They have a good incoming recruiting class for 07' and have some young ones that are already there. I just like the environment, and I know that you get the ball there like with Samardzija and Stovall.

Texas is appealing to Buckner because of the type of receivers that have been successful in their program over the last few years. He pointed out that every Texas kid grows up dreaming about playing for the Longhorns.

"First off being from Texas, you have to like the Longhorns because they have always been the dominant team in Texas. I have been down to Austin, not like officially for any college things, when I was younger and stuff. I've seen the atmosphere and everything. Receivers like Roy Williams and (Limas) Sweed, who I think have my same body build, get the ball and get to do big things in there. They are always in the spotlight. You know they won the national championship last year so that something I could be around," Buckner said.

Buckner had a pretty big day at the combine on Friday. He is a physically gifted wide receiver with all the potential in the world. He has good hands and knows how to use his body to catch the football. His route running was not as fluid as some of the other kids at the combine, but it will get better with time. Buckner talked about the combine and what makes him such a strong player at the receiver spot.

"I'm pretty excited. I like competition. With some of the top kids out here, it should be fun," Buckner said during registration. "I think I can catch with my hands well. I've always noticed that I catch the ball with my hands. I can get the ball outside of my body. When it is outside of my body, I can go out and get it with my hands whereas some people need to corral it in. I feel like you have an opportunity to make more catches when you do that. Therefore instead of having a two-foot wingspan, I can use all 80 inches of my wingspan to go get the ball. That also gives the quarterback a bigger target to get the ball to."

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