Stephen Good Talks Recruiting

Paris High School in Texas is home to one of the best offensive linemen in the country. Stephen Good had an outstanding junior season, and college recruiters took notice. He has already reeled in nine scholarship offers early in the recruiting process. Good talked about which junior days he would attend and named his top schools.

"Texas of course," Stephen Good replied when asked about his top schools. "Then OU, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Michigan."

Good has always been a fan of Big 12 football, and Texas and Oklahoma have been high on his list since the beginning of the recruiting process.

"Oklahoma did a good job this year. I did not expect them to win the Big 12. Everybody expected Texas to win. So, I was really surprised when Oklahoma won the Big 12 especially after they lost to Texas in the Cotton Bowl. When they beat Nebraska for the Big 12 Championship, I was real impressed with them. They had a tough game against Boise State," Good said.

"They have good tradition at Texas and they always do really well. I have always been a Texas fan," Good said. "A while back right before football season ended, Coach (Mack) Brown was texting me a lot. Lately, Coach (Ken) Rucker and Coach (Mac) McWhorter have been talking to me about their junior day and when would be a good time for me to come."

The 6-foot-4, 270-pound Good was a dominant force on the offensive line throughout his junior season. He was recently named Offensive Lineman of the Year for his district, First Team All-State and First Team All-East Texas. Good has been invited to several junior days by schools all over the nation. He talked about which junior days he would likely attend.

"I will probably go to all the ones close to home. I do not know if I can make the ones far away like Michigan and Iowa. I will probably go to OU, Texas, A&M and others close to home," Good said.

Good has been racking up offers left and right lately. He holds offers from Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Baylor, UTEP, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Kansas. He expects several more to come real soon.

"I'm hoping that Texas offers in February and Notre Dame. I am really hoping that Notre Dame offers," Good said.

It is obvious from Good's highlight film that he is an excellent run blocker. Paris High School runs and passes about the same amount. He talked about his pass blocking skills on the football field.

"It is a lot more fun to run block. We run and pass about the same amount. It is about 50/50. In pass blocking, I have not given up a sack since my freshman year," Good said.

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