Scott Picks Texas; 'It Felt Like Family'

Dallas Skyline safety Christian Scott, the 19th ranked player in the state of Texas, committed to The University of Texas Sunday evening, giving the Horns their 24th and final member of the 2007 class, and another four-star prospect in a class full of four- and five-star standouts.

Scott spoke to the Oklahoma site on the network late last night. Here's that conversation:

JH: I understand you made a decision tonight?

CS: "Yes, I am going to UT."

JH: What convinced you to go to the University of Texas?

CS: "It was the fact that it was at home. It felt like family there and I just wanted to stay at home."

JH: So even though you live in Dallas and OU is just as close to home as Texas, you still felt more comfortable in Austin?

CS: "Right. I believe on my visit there it felt so much like family that I believe that we are related to each other there. I guess it is because we are all from Texas, or most of us are from Texas so they make you feel like family. I felt real comfortable there."

JH: Have you told Oklahoma yet?

CS: "No, I haven't talked to Oklahoma yet."

JH: Did it come down to Oklahoma and Texas?

CS: "Yes, it did. I have always wanted to play in the Red River Rivalry. Like you say, OU and Norman is not that far from my home. Technically, it is closer but, you know, it is in Oklahoma so it just seems further and UT feels more like home than Oklahoma. Oklahoma makes you feel like family their as well."

JH: Is it going to be tough to tell OU that you are going to UT?

CS: "Yeah, most definitely because I have built a great relationship with Coach Bob Stoops, Coach (Chris) Wilson and most of the coaches there. That includes Coach (Brent) Venables and Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright. That is the hardest part about all this because I had a strong relationship with them. I probably had the best relationship with them as far as coaches go. They are real good people and I feel like I have let them down."

JH: Have you been going back and forth between the two over the last couple of days? When did you actually make up your mind?

CS: "I actually made up my mind today, which is when I have always said that I was going to make up my mind. I was on the phone with coach Mack Brown and Coach Stoops had called. I believe if Coach Stoops had called 30 seconds earlier I would have been committed to OU. I truly believe that, but I was on the phone with Coach Mack Brown when Coach Stoops called. That was today and actually not too long ago."

JH: You haven't talked to Coach Stoops yet have you?

CS: "No, I haven't yet."

JH: Since you have not talked to the OU coaches yet is there any chance for OU at this point or is your decision final?

CS: "I believe I am totally committed because my word is my soul and I don't want to have to go through all of that. That is why it was so hard between the two. I felt I really couldn't go wrong with either school. Whatever happened at the one place would have happened at the next. That is what made it so hard, so I believe that I will stay committed because I am really not that type of person."

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