Brock Fitzhenry: Another Possible '08 Commit?

Giddings, Texas is home to one of the most explosive athletes in the Lone Star State. Brock Fitzhenry has already been invited to junior days by all three major Big 12 schools inside the state of Texas. Giddings Head Coach Derek Fitzhenry talked about his sons' interest in the three schools.

"He has been to the Texas A&M Junior Day," Fitzhenry said. "He is going to Texas this weekend and has been invited to Texas Tech."

"He plays quarterback, but that is not where he will play in college. He will either be a DB or a receiver. Texas is looking at him as a receiver and the same with A&M," Fitzhenry said.

Brock Fitzhenry enjoyed visiting Texas A&M and seeing what College Station has to offer, but he may already know where he wants to go.

"He is pretty sure what he wants to do right now. He has a meeting with Mack Brown at 9:40, and I am pretty sure about what he wants to do," said Derek Fitzhenry.

Could this mean a possible commitment to the University of Texas if an offer is extended?

"Yeah...A&M likes him, but they haven't been as aggressive as UT has," Derek Fitzhenry said.

Brock Fitzhenry brings speed and power onto the football field, but his competitiveness is what sets him apart from others.

"He is really explosive. He has a lot of speed. I have yet to see him get caught by anyone on the football field or the track. He gets to full speed in a couple of steps," Derek Fitzhenry said. "What makes him what he is his raw speed. On top of that, he is a ferocious competitor. I would say that his competitiveness is his best asset."

The 5-foot-9, 170-pound Fitzhenry has run the 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds before but usually runs around the 4.4 range. He squats 450-pounds and benches 315-pounds.

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