After further review: No shakeups in line-up

You're going to like UT's offensive line. Eventually. Some day. At least that was the sentiment among Texas coaches following Tuesday's afternoon workout at Frank Denius Field.

For now, the young unit that totaled negative-15 second-half rushing yards in the second half of the Horns' 27-0 win over North Texas and allowed eight sacks in the game (it also went 1-for-9 in third down conversions during the final 30 minutes) is going to stay intact.

The best way to replace three OL veterans who totaled 91 career starts is allow the youngsters to jell, work on technique, and expect them to improve, coaches said.

"I think (center) Jason Glynn, (right guard) Derrick Dockery and (right tackle) Jonathan Scott will get better as they work together and continue to work on the calls and see things at game speed," offensive coordinator Greg Davis said. "It's a good group. It's a group I think we'll be real pleased with, but we were not real pleased with the production the second half the other night."

The only line-up change that would be necessary if Texas were to play again tomorrow would be at Scott's position. The redshirt freshman left the game with an ankle injury and did not return. Scott is listed as day-to-day but has a full week to heal since Texas has an open date this weekend.

"The thing that was obvious to me is the difference between the first half and the second half in the way that we came out of the blocks," Davis said. "As the game went on, we lost focus on the same techniques that we used in the first half."

The line's relative inexperience and increasing frustration with the Mean Green linebacker blitz package compounded its lost focus.

Because of the line's spotty play preceding the open week, Mack Brown likened the North Texas game to an NFL preseason contest. "We're going to take this weekend off and then start the season over again," the head coach said. "We're going to correct the mistakes and play again. The offense is usually behind the defense to start the season. This makes us want to go back to work."

Davis echoed the sentiment.

"We are not where we want to be, but I think everything we saw on the tape is all correctable," he said.

The tape also highlighted not only one of Texas' most dominating defensive performances of the past 15 years but also what Brown said was its "best kicking game" during his tenure. And the ground game will improve simply because it has to.

"We're going to run to ball better in the third quarter," Brown vowed. "That's the attitude we have to take. I must not have a done a good job in preparing the team for the second half, because the second half (offense) is not what we expect at The University of Texas."

The Horns' next game is at North Carolina, 7 p.m. (CST), and will be televised nationally on ABC Sports.

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