In Depth with Dan Buckner

When a defensive back lines up against a Texas Longhorn wide receiver wearing the No. 4, he knows that he will be in for a battle all night. Roy Williams and Limas Sweed have more than held their own at the Division I level the last decade. Next year, No. 4 will be handed down to another elite prospect, Allen wide receiver Dan Buckner.

"Well, I had a talk with the coaches. It is become a tradition for the x-receiver at Texas to wear number 4. That is where I will be playing at Texas, so I asked the coaches if I could wear it," Dan Buckner said. "Limas is leaving after this season. I decided to change my number because I want to do big things this season and the next few years at Texas."

Buckner knows that there will be a lot of pressure on his shoulders living up to the legacy left by Limas Sweed and Roy Williams. He will also likely carry the weight of being the top prospect in Texas' class. He believes that he will be able to shoulder the load and bring leadership to Austin.

"I definitely do," Buckner replied when asked if he believed he had the leadership skills to lead his class. "When I came to Texas, they told me that I was one of their top targets. People tell me that I am the top recruit in the class. When I came to Texas and committed early, I think that might have jump started everything. I hope that we can bring in a lot of talent this year. If I can do anything to get a player to Texas or if they want to come because I am there, that is great."

"I am growing up and becoming an older teenager. I feel like I need to step up and show leadership as a senior. I want to take us farther in the playoffs than we have gone in the past. I am trying to become a leader. It takes great leadership to get to state and I feel like we can make it that far. I feel like I will be a good leader this year and for years to come at Texas."

Buckner has talked to a number of the recent Texas commits. He is doing his best to stay in touch with the prospects in the Dallas area.

"As far as talking to the other commits, I have talked to a few. I have talked to Riley Dodge," Buckner said. "I try to keep in touch with the guys in the DFW area. I pretty much don't keep in touch with the guys that are far away."

Buckner is still hearing from a number of elite programs, but they all receive the same answer: "I am committed to Texas."

"Well I had USC call, and I told them I was committed to Texas. They gave me their phone number, but I don't even have it anymore. The Florida coach called too," Buckner said. "The Notre Dame coaches have pretty much stopped calling. It's not out of disrespect. They are just respecting my commitment to Texas. I'm real strong in my decision."

Buckner is planning on making several stops in Austin over the next few months. He is committed to becoming an elite wide receiver on the next level.

"I plan on going to camp at Texas during the summer. I don't know if you know Keenan Robinson, but I am thinking about going down to Texas and staying Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during our break. I don't know if Texas is on break or not," Buckner said. "I'm only about three hours away from Austin, so I can just jump in my car and go down there whenever I want. I'm going to try to go to a couple of their one-day camps. I will definitely be up there a good bit."

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