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Inside Texas, after 18 years of publishing a newsletter and Web site, is proud to announce the release of a new, monthly, glossy magazine. The new Inside Texas Magazine is dedicated to providing well-written, entertaining and in-depth Longhorn sports coverage. Think Sports Illustrated or ESPN The Magazine, but with a decidedly Inside Texas-style attitude.

"Inside Texas has been THE source for independent analysis and commentary on University of Texas athletics for 18 years," said Inside Texas co-owner and editor Clendon Ross, "and this new color, glossy format will allow IT to provide Orangebloods with even more Inside Texas-style content plus in-depth features and insightful analysis, with great photography to boot!

"The publication will be a perfect complement to the Web site, which since its relaunch last summer has become a premier source for accurate, timely information on Longhorn athletics and recruiting as well as a gathering place for Texas fans to engage in intelligent conversation about the team and school that they love," Ross added. "The one-two, web-magazine combo will add more depth to IT's offerings, which ultimately benefits those who bleed Burnt Orange."

Austin-based co-owners and University of Texas grads Ross and Michael Pearle each brings almost a decade of experience covering the Horns and providing a unique perspective on Longhorn sports. New staff writer and fellow Texas alum Bill Frisbie brings a similar passion and distinctive writing style to the publication, both in print and on-line.

"The Internet has completely changed the team publishing business," said Jim Heckman, CEO of TheInsiders and Citadel Publishing. "It's obvious to me the weekly is entirely obsolete or, at best, redundant. Why would anyone pay for a weekly publication when instant information is available via the Internet? By the time a weekly shows up, the news inside is either old or in some cases, has already changed. But the internet doesn't provide the complete package. For example, nobody wants to read a 2,000 word article on their computer. Instead, fans want a magazine with beautiful photography, in-depth feature articles and most of all, a quality keepsake they can save for years as the only viable compliment to online information.

"The new Inside Texas answers this need with a monthly, ALL GLOSS, color format and our goal is to create a magazine of such quality, that each magazine will last a lifetime as a collectors piece. We have now created the ultimate package for the true Longhorn fan: the best time-sensitive news on the web, complimented by a world-class feature-driven gloss magazine!"

The new Inside Texas will debut in October of 2002 and will be published on a monthly basis ten times a year. Yearly subscriptions will sell for $44.95 and will begin with a special reduced rate of only $39.95 for orders placed online here.

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