In-Depth with Jeremy Hills

Alief Elsik running back Jeremy Hills already has big shoes to fill. His older brother, Tony Hills, has more than held his own in Austin and on the Division I level. However, the name Hills will not leave the minds of Longhorn faithful when Tony's senior year comes to an end. They will have four more years to watch his little brother wearing Burnt Orange.

"He encourages me to keep good people around me at all times and to stay close to the coaches. He told me that if I ever had a question to ask," Jeremy Hills said. "It's not like there will be no rules and regulations. I know that I am on scholarship but that just means that you are going to school on somebody else's money. I got four more years of hard work in front of me. It's not time to party just yet. The biggest thing is just to stay focused."

Hills comes from a strong family. He has a great relationship with both his mother and brother and believes that growing up under their guidance has allowed him to blossom into a natural leader on and off the football field.

"Oh yes, I think I am more than capable," Hills replied when asked if he was capable of setting an example for the other recruits in the 2008 class. "It is not because of talent or skill. Leadership is something that you get from home. My mom is a leader and my older brother has always been a leader. Carrying that same leadership on the field that you carry off it is easy. Leadership is no problem at all."

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound Hills rushed for 1,328 yards and scored 15 touchdowns as a junior at Elsik. His brings good speed and vision to the football filed, but he believes his best asset is being a team player

"I'm willing to do what it takes to win the game whether it's scoring a touchdown, running the ball, catching the ball, making a play on special teams or even sitting on the bench the whole game cheering the guys on to win that game. I am a team player before anything else," Hills said.

Hills keeps in regular contact with several of the Longhorn commits that he has met in the past. He believes that building relationships with his future teammates is a vital part of the recruiting process.

"I talk to David Snow, an offensive lineman that committed to Texas. I have talked to Riley Dodge and Tre Newton. Both of them are real good guys. I talk to Dan Buckner. I met him at the U.S. Army National Combine. I keep in touch with those guys. It's best for me to start talking to them now because I am going to for the next four years," Hills said.

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