Subscribers' Top 10: Comebacks and Calls

We're asking Inside Texas subscribers to vote and comment on the Top 10 in UT history in 10 different categories. The final tallies will be printed in the May issue of Inside Texas Magazine. Voting will be opened on two lists each day of this week. Today: Comebacks and Coaching Calls.

In the Spring issue of Inside Texas Magazine, we're going list the Top 10 greatest of everything Texas Football. The Top 10 players in UT history by position, the best teams, the best walk-ons, the toughest losses, the greatest victories, the greatest plays and many, many more. It will be 40 lists for the 40 Acres.

We're also providing Inside Texas subscribers the opportunity to choose the Top 10 in ten different categories. The final tally of the subscriber vote will be printed alongside our staff selections in the Spring issue of Inside Texas Magazine.

We'll put out two lists each day of this week and start a thread on the Members Only message board for each list. Reply to that thread with your Top 10 list and we'll tally the votes (Point System: 10 points for a first place vote, 9 points for a second, etc.) and post the IT Subscribers' Top 10 in each catagory once voting concludes on March 13th.

Today: Top Comebacks and Top Gutsiest Coaching Calls.

Click HERE to pick the Top 10 Comebacks.

Click HERE to pick the Top 10 Top Gutsiest Coaching Calls.

What are the top comebacks in Texas football history? Was it the 2001 Holiday Bowl? Or 2006's National Championship victory? Where do the consecutive halftime turnarounds against Oklahoma State in '04 and '05 fall? You could go as far back as the Longhorn's 35-34 win over TCU in 1954, where Texas erased a 27-7 deficit with 21 fourth-quarter points. Or further.

There have been many gusty coaching calls in Texas history. What's you No. 1? Is is 53 veer against Arkansas in 1969? As James Street put it, "Are you sure coach?" What about when Texas came out throwing against Navy in '68? Or the benching of Vince Young for Chance Mock against Texas Tech? You could go way back on this one to Jack Crain's game-winning TD reception over Arkansas off a pass from the fullback in 1939.

We'll let you decide!

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