Subscribers' Top 10: Individual and VY Games

We're asking Inside Texas subscribers to vote and comment on the Top 10 in UT history in 10 different categories. The final tallies will be printed in the Spring issue of Inside Texas Magazine. Voting will be opened on two lists each day of this week. Today: Top Vince Young Performances and Top Individual Game Performances (other than VY).

In the Spring issue of Inside Texas Magazine, we're going to list the Top 10 greatest of everything Texas Football. The Top 10 players in UT history by position, the best teams, the best walk-ons, the toughest losses, the greatest victories, the greatest plays and many, many more. It will be 40 lists for the 40 Acres.

We're also providing Inside Texas subscribers the opportunity to choose the Top 10 in ten different categories. The final tally of the subscriber vote will be printed alongside our staff selections in the Spring issue of Inside Texas Magazine.

Today's lists are Top Vince Young Performances and Top Individual Game Performances (other than VY).

Click HERE to vote on the Top 10 Vince Young Performances.

Click HERE to vote on the Top 10 Individual Game Performances.

Vince Young's heroics at Texas were so transcendent and still so fresh in our minds, he gets a list all to himself. Which game was VY's best? The National Championship victory over USC or the previous Rose Bowl comeback against Michigan? Or was it the passing clinic he put on in the regular season against Colorado or the 70-3 beatdown he put on them in the Big 12 Championship game?

In the long history of Texas football, what other great players and moments stand out to you? Ricky Williams's 350 against Iowa State was an amazing day, but so was his 259 against Texas A&M when he set the all-time rushing record. Earl Campbell has some great days against the Aggies too, putting up 222 and four TDs on them in 1977. Roosevelt Leaks had some great days as well, his biggest being a 342-yard day against hated SMU in 1973. Quarterbacks have had amazing games for Texas as well. Major Applewhite's 471 yards against Washington in the 2001 Holiday Bowl was memorable, but so was James Brown's 353 against Nebraska in the 1996 Big 12 Championship. And don't forget about the defense. After throwing three INTs at quarterback against Texas A&M in 1967, "Super" Bill Bradley moved to safety and picked off the Aggies four times in the 1968 game. Bobby Lane and Johnny Treadwell had some great performances playing both ways for the Longhorns as well. So many to choose from. We'll let you decide!

We'll put out two lists each day of this week and start a thread on the Members Only message board for each list. Reply to that thread with your Top 10 list and we'll tally the votes (Point System: 10 points for a first place vote, 9 points for a second, etc.) and post the IT Subscribers' Top 10 in each category.

Here are the Ten lists that IT subscribers will vote on:

Top Running Backs
Top Bowl Victories
Top Comebacks
Top Gutsiest Coaching Calls
Top Vince Young Performances
Top Individual Game Performances (other than VY)
Top Road Wins
Top Controversies
Top Overall Players Regardless of Position
Top Teams

Head over to the Members Only message board to find a list you may have missed. Voting will remain open until March 13th!

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