The Greatest Road Wins in Longhorn History

Last week, Inside Texas subscribers voted on the Top 10 in Texas football history in 10 different categories. The third entry in a daily release of the lists is the Top Ten Road Wins in the history of Texas football.

The Top Ten Road Wins in the History of UT football, as voted on by Inside Texas subscribers:

1. 2005: #2 Texas 25, #4 Ohio State 22

2. 1969: #1 Texas 15, #2 Arkansas 14

3. 1998: Texas 20, #7 Nebraska 16

4. 1934: Texas 7, Notre Dame 6

5. 1995: #9 Texas 16, #16 Texas A&M 6

6. 1941: #10 Texas 23, #2 Texas A&M 0

7. 1957: Texas 17, #10 Arkansas 0

8. 1977: #1 Texas 57, #12 Texas A&M 28

9. 1963: #1 Texas 15, Texas A&M 13

10. 2002: #7 Texas 27, Nebraska 24

Topping the list is the Longhorns' 2005 win over Ohio State at Ohio Stadium, which set Texas on the road to their first National Championship in 35 years. The signature moment from the win was Limas Sweed's catch in the front corner of the end zone, giving Texas the lead.

At No. 2 is the "Game of the Century." Down 14-8 and facing fourth and three, Darrell Royal famously called "53 veer pass." Quarterback James Street hit tight end Randy Peschel for a 44-yard gain, setting up Jim Bertlesen's touchdown dive two plays later.

Next is the 1998 game in Lincoln, Neb. when Ricky Williams rushed for 150 yards against Nebraska's vaunted Black Shirt defense to chants of "Heisman" from Nebraska fans.

Then comes the Longhorns' 1934 upset of the Fighting Irish in South Bend. Texas' Bohn Hilliard ran for a touchdown following Jack Gray's recovery of a Notre Dame fumble on the opening kick-off. The Texas D locked down the dominant Irish for the 7-6 win. It was one of the most important wins in the history of Texas football because it surprised the nation and put the Longhorns amongst the elites of college football for the first time.

A couple of classic battles with the Aggies are at 5 and 6, the former a much more recent battle than the latter. In 1995, the Longhorns ended Texas A&M's 31-game home winning streak as Williams, a true freshman at the time, ran for 163 yards and two touchdowns. It's is followed on the list by Texas' 1941 win in College Station, when Dana X. Bible led his Longhorns to a 23-0 shocker over #2 Texas A&M on Thanksgiving, a game that should have put the Longhorns in the Rose Bowl (more on that in "Top Controversies").

Texas' 17-0 win at #10 Arkansas in 1957 is next on the list and then it's back to College Station for the next two. Texas' win over Texas A&M in 1977 in which Earl Campbell rumbled for 222 yards and four touchdowns is at No. 8 on the list. In the 1963 season, the Longhorns won the National Championship, but it never would have been if Texas had fallen to A&M in the final game of the regular season. However, Duke Carlisle and the Longhorns pulled out the 15-13 win.

The final entry in the Top Ten is the 2002 victory over Nebraska, breaking the Cornhuskers' 26-game winning streak, a streak that had stood since (guess when) Texas' 1998 trip to Lincoln.

Just off the list: 1983: #2 Texas 9, Houston 3
1990: #21 Texas 17, #23 Penn State 13
1967: Texas 21, Arkansas 12

Most appearances on the list by an opponent: Texas A&M (4)
It only makes sense that the Longhorns' longest series and longest rivalry would appear the most times on the list. Texas and Texas A&M have locked Horns, so to speak, in some classic battles. Nebraska and Arkansas follow with two appearances each (it should be noted that neutral site games against Oklahoma in Dallas are and not considered "road" games).

By coach:
Mack Brown: 3 (1998 Nebraska, 2002 Nebraska, 2005 Ohio State)
Darrell Royal: 3 (1957 Arkansas, 1963 Texas A&M, 1969 Arkansas)
John Mackovic: 1 (1995 Texas A&M)
Fred Akers: 1 (1977 Texas A&M)
Dana X. Bible: 1 (1941 Texas A&M)
Jack Chevigny: 1 (1934 Notre Dame)

In a curious coincidence, four of the ten games came in a Texas head coach's first season on the 40 Acres (Chevigny, 1934 Notre Dame; Royal, 1957 Arkanas; Brown, 1998 Nebraska; Akers, 1977 Texas A&M)

In an upcoming issue of Inside Texas magazine, we're going to list the Top 10 greatest of everything Texas football. It will be 40 lists for the 40 acres. Inside Texas subscribers voted on the Top 10 in 10 of the categories. The subscriber vote will be printed alongside our staff selections in Inside Texas Magazine.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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