Dan Buckner: Pure Competitor

DALLAS -- When Dan Buckner walked into the Dallas Cowboys training facility with a Texas Longhorns toboggan and a pink backpack on, he was all laughs. But Buckner never backs down from a challenge, and he showed a competitive streak unlike any other at the combine when he competed in every drill despite having aggravated a quad injury.

"I'm not like one of those guys that like to limit themselves to the things I do. A lot of people tell me that I don't have anything to gain by going to camps like this. I know that I already have a scholarship. I didn't have to do anything at this camp, but I did everything. I know that I may have put up some bad times because of my quad, but it doesn't matter. I don't need to hide anything. I came down here to compete and get to know some of these guys. I have a limited amount of time to get to know some of these people because I will be graduating early and moving to Austin this time next year," Dan Buckner said.

Buckner and fellow Texas commit Aaron Williams have become good friends over the past couple of weeks. They made it a point to go up against each other during one-on-one drills on several different occasions. The results were mixed as each player showed why they are two of the top prospects in the Longhorns' 2008 class.

"Yeah," Buckner said when asked about Williams. "I was supposed to go and find him last night. We hung out a little yesterday morning in Austin. I am supposed to go down and spend the night with him when I come down to go to the spring game this weekend."

Buckner and Boyd's Jeffrey Fuller were arguably the top two receivers at the combine. In fact, both have the exact same body frame and play a very similar style of football. Buckner talked about Fuller's game.

"I think he is pretty good. He plays for a first year program that doesn't have a great quarterback. When he comes to things like this, you can see that he is big and tall. He is a good receiver. I liked competing with him. It was kind of funny because everybody kept asking if we were on the same team because we both had red shorts on," Buckner said.

Buckner was slowed by his quad injury, which got worse as the day moved on. However, he still put up some impressive times in the shuttle and 40-yard dash which should be released before Wednesday. He and several other members of the Longhorn recruiting class were invited down to Austin on Saturday to watch practice.

"I went to Austin yesterday and watched practice. Everybody is so big. Everybody looks like a giant," Buckner said.

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