Lynn Katoa: Two New Offers, Visits Ahead

Salt Lake City, Utah linebacker Lynn Katoa's name has been tossed around by the Longhorn faithful for about a month now. He was supposed to make a trip down to Austin for UT's spring game, but something came up. Has Katoa scheduled another visit to the 40 Acres and how do two new offers factor into the equation?

"It's going pretty good," Lynn Katoa said about recruiting. "I got two new offers, one from USC and one from Miami. I just found out about the Miami offer today."

Many Longhorns fans believed that Katoa would be the next prospect to commit to Texas after his visit to the annual spring game, but a bad case of strep throat interfered with his plans.

"I had strep throat. I had it real bad," Katoa said. "After I got strep throat, the coaches told me that they understood. I have talked to them and they totally understand."

In fact, Katoa has already made plans to visit Texas in a couple of weeks.

"They told me that when I wanted to come to contact Coach (Bobby) Kennedy," Katoa said. "I will probably go down to Texas three weeks from now when my uncle can come with me."

Three weeks ago, Katoa seemed to favor the Longhorns heavily over other top programs like Oklahoma, USC, Texas Tech and Colorado. However, he still wants to check out what other schools have to offer.

"They told me to come whenever I wanted to at USC. I'm probably going to go down to Miami in about two weeks, and Texas in a couple of weeks too," Katoa said.

Katoa was thinking about committing to the Longhorns if offered during his visit a couple of weeks ago. Texas remains high on his list, but friends and family are urging him to take his time with the recruiting process.

"They (Texas) are still my top schools," Katoa said. "I have talked to my coaches and family and they told me to take my time. This is a big decision. I do like Texas though. They are pretty high."

Katoa has still yet to decide where he wants to go for summer camp but has already received plenty of invites.

"No, I haven't decided yet. A lot of coaches have faxed me letters, but a lot of them are on the same days and same weeks. So, I really haven't decided yet.

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