Damion Square: Longhorns to Steal Another?

Dravannti Johnson is not the only top-notch prospect that recently de-committed from Texas A&M. Houston Yates' Damion Square also decided to begin looking into other schools over the past couple of weeks. His story is a little bit different from Johnson's, but the interest level hasn't dropped off at all.

"Nothing really happened," Damion Square said of his de-commitment from A&M. "I just feel like I really rushed into a decision. The recruiting process is a once in a lifetime thing. In the end, A&M maybe my home, but I just wanted to check things out a little bit more."

"I just felt like I jumped in too fast, too early. I didn't want to look back and say, ‘what if I had gone to Florida' or something like that. I want to make sure that I am in the right place. A&M might be the right place for me, but I just hate to go without seeing what other schools have to offer," Square added.

Like Johnson, Square decided to start looking around recently. He found out quickly that the interest level hadn't dropped a bit.

"They were all still on me strong. They were all just trying to see if I wanted to come check them out. They were not saying ‘come here, come here.' They just wanted me to give myself that opportunity to see if their place was the best place for me," Square said.

Square is still looking at a number of schools from all over the nation and is definitely still a hot commodity in the recruiting world.

"Alabama, Miami, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, Florida and Notre Dame," Square said. "Those will be the schools that will get pretty good looks."

The Texas Longhorns have yet to receive a defensive end commitment from the 2008 class. Where do they stand in Square's eyes?

"Here and there, they stayed in contact," Square said of the Texas coaches. "They didn't give up on me. When I talked to the coaches, they were saying that I would be a good fit in their system."

"Texas is pretty big right now," Square said. "Being from Texas, you know that the majority of the big timers want to go to Texas. They also have the number one alumni base in the nation. When you go to Texas, you know that life after football is a guarantee. I have no choice to think about UT."

Square has already taken a number of unofficials other than his trip to A&M's junior day. Miami is a school that Square is very familiar with. He attended their summer camp last year and his uncle played defensive end for the Canes' a couple of years ago.

"I have been to Miami several times. I took a trip down to Alabama and I have been to Waco," Square said.

"I'm going to wait until that time (summer) rolls around. I am waiting to get some brochures and stuff. I'm going to try to make it to the majority of schools that have offered," Square replied when asked about summer camps.

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