Pryor Weighing Options

Jeanette, Pennsylvania two-sport superstar Terrelle Pryor was in Akron this weekend showing off his multi-talented basketball game. Pryor was there to participate in the King James Classic. During a break in the action Pryor discussed recruiting with Bill Greene.

Terrelle Pryor is not just one of the top high school players in the country. He's also an elite basketball player. Pryor, from Jeanette, Pennsylvania, was in Akron showing off his hoops prowess in the King James Classic. He's the kind of athlete that comes along rarely, combining great size with superior athletic ability. Pryor, 6' 6" and 210 pounds, talked about his strengths as a player.

"In basketball, I think I know how to get the ball to the open man," Pryor began. "I can shoot the ball too and I try to get my teammates involved. In football, I have the ability to not get tackled and not get sacked. I just try to make plays. I want to play both sports in college. I have over 90 football offers. Most of the schools will let me play basketball too."

Pryor talked about a variety of subjects including when he'll announce his decision, whether he wants to stay close to home, possible visits, and who leads for his services.

"I'll be announcing my decision on football signing day," Pryor explained. "I don't have a leader right now. I'm wide open.'

"It would be nice to stay close to home but it doesn't matter. I'll get on a plane and fly wherever I feel is the best school. I'm not sure about visits but I'm pretty sure I'll be going to Texas and Ohio State."

He talked about why he is interested in both the Texas Longhorns and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

"I'm the only quarterback Ohio State is recruiting right now and that's an honor. Texas told me the same thing," Pryor explained. "The tradition at Ohio State is awesome and they are recruiting really well so far this year."

Finally, Pryor was asked what quarterback he admires and who he tries to emulate on the field.

"I would say I play like Mike Vick, Vince Young, Troy Smith and Peyton Manning," Pryor said. "I admire all of those guys."

Terrelle Pryor is currently ranked as the fourth best prospect in the entire country. Last season he passed for 1,732 yards and rushed for 1,676 yards. He threw 15 touchdown passes and scored 29 touchdowns, including one as a pass receiver. A commitment from Terrelle Pryor would put a smile on the face of any head coach in America.

This story was orginally published on Scout Ohio, the Ohio State site on the network.

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