You're Invited: Top 10 List Mag Release Party

Top running backs? Quarterbacks? Cornerbacks? Controversies? Nicknames? Bowl wins? Toughest Losses? Gutsiest Calls? You'll find all that and much more in the Inside Texas Top 10 List magazine, and you can get complimentary copies, plus great food and discount drinks, at the Inside Texas Top 10 List Magazine Release Party at Joe's Bar & Grill on Wednesday, May 9 at 7 p.m.

WHAT: Inside Texas Top 10 List Magazine Release Party
WHEN: Wednesday, May 9, 7-10 p.m.
WHERE: Joe's Bar & Grill, 506 West Avenue (Between 5th and 6th)

DETAILS: Free Inside Texas magazines, a complimentary food buffet for Inside Texas members and their guests, Budweiser and Tito's drink specials for everyone, and lots of discussion with fellow Longhorn fans on the 40 top 10s in the Inside Texas Top 10 List Magazine. You'll also get to mingle with several former Longhorns who figured prominently in the magazine, including Special Guests No. 1 defensive tackle (and No. 6 overall player) Kenneth Sims, No. 1 offensive lineman (and No. 7 overall player) Jerry Sisemore, No. 5 quarterback James Brown, and No. 5 Hitter (and Inside Texas contributor Pat Culpepper). The entire Inside Texas staff will also be in attendance, and we hope that you will be too!

RSVP, including number of guests, to

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