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Football recruiting:

Russell Shepard: Enjoying the Attention
Cypress Ridge High School in Houston, Texas may have one of the most exciting football teams in the Lone Star State next year thanks in large part to junior QB Russell Shepard. Colleges have been flocking to Houston to get a look at him and some of his teammates. One SEC school in particular has made a huge impact on Shepard.


Conference title games can be risky for host cities
San Antonio Express-News
The memories of all those empty seats at Alltel Stadium in December should serve as a warning for any potential bidder for upcoming Dr Pepper Big 12 Championship games. Mainly, that conference championship games usually are a pretty good bet for the city that is hosting the game.

Big 12 looks to switch some football to ESPN
San Antonio Express-News
Fox Sports Network is close to selling some of its Big 12 Saturday night football games to rival ESPN in an unprecedented deal that would result in wider national exposure for the conference. Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said negotiations are heating up between the two competing sports networks to find a place for a package of six Big 12 games that have been carried at 6 p.m. on Saturdays.


Big 12 title remains in reach
Daily Texan
Texas has come too far, it seems, not to reach its first major goal of the season - the Big 12 regular season championship. Though the No. 7 Longhorns did miss out on their first opportunity to claim the title Sunday by not winning their series with Missouri, it's still possible for them to make it happen. The Longhorns still top the conference as they head into their final conference series of the season with No. 11 Texas A&M on May 18 in College Station. It's then that Texas must prove what its coach, Augie Garrido, already seems to know.


Roger and (off in the distance) me
San Antonio Express-News
First off, let's dispel a dirty little myth about journalism and journalists: There's no such thing as true "objectivity." Each person is a product of his or her own experiences and by definition views things through that prism. Try as we might — and we do try — we rarely, if ever, are completely able to play it right down the middle. Which is a high-horse way of making this admission: I am a Roger Clemens fan.


Golf coach leaves UT after 14 years
Daily Texan
After 14 years and 10 top-10 finishes at the NCAA championship, women's golf coach Susan Watkins stepped down Tuesday. The program hadn't seen much success lately and finished in tenth place at this year's Big 12 tournament.

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