Jeffrey Fuller: Adds New Offers

Several high profile schools have flocked McKinney, Texas over the past two weeks to check out wide receiver Jeffrey Fuller in action, including the Texas Longhorns. Last week was a big week for Fuller as he picked up two huge offers. He was scheduled to be in Austin over the weekend. Were the Longhorns one of the schools that pulled the trigger?

"I actually didn't make it down there this weekend," Jeffrey Fuller said. "I am going to go on the 10th of June. Nothing came up. It just doesn't make since to go down there twice when I can make two trips out of one on June 10th."

As many Longhorn fans know, it's Mack Brown's policy not to extend an offer to a player that he hasn't met in person. So, who offered last week?

"LSU already offered," Fuller said. "I just picked one up from Ohio State this past week."

Another school that Fuller has his eyes on is USC. They have yet to make the trip to Texas, but should be there for Boyd's spring game this Thursday.

"They haven't made it down," Fuller said of USC. "Coach Norton said he was going to make it down for out spring game."

"We have our spring game on Thursday. I don't know how much the starters are actually going to play. When I do get in there, I hope I can get something done," Fuller added.

Fuller now has offers from Ohio State, LSU, Colorado, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Utah, Texas A&M, Boston College, Nebraska, Duke and TCU. Despite the new offers, he is still considering all the possibilities.

"I'm still pretty much open right now," Fuller said.

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