Lynn Katoa: Close to Narrowing Things Down

Salt Lake City, Utah linebacker Lynn Katoa has been racking up scholarship offers since last fall and is now on the brink of narrowing down his choices to a select few. Katoa ran down a list of schools that will likely make it into his Top 10 and talked visits with Inside Texas.

"Good," Lynn Katoa replied when asked about recruiting. "I pretty much have a lot of offers, but I'm still discussing things with my coaches. I have five schools that I really like."

Katoa actually mentioned seven schools when asked to name the schools that he liked. He hasn't officially counted anybody out, but has a good idea about who will likely make his top 10.

"Oklahoma, SC, Texas, Texas A&M, Miami, Florida and LSU," Katoa said. "I'm trying to get it down to 10. I'm just going to have to get with my coaches in the next week, but those are some of the schools that I like."

All of the schools that Katoa mentioned above have already extended scholarship offers except for Texas, and Katoa is familiar enough with the Longhorns to know that Mack Brown will ultimately decide whether he receives an offer.

"Yeah, they all have offered," Katoa said. "Texas says I'm approved. They say it's just going to come down to Mack Brown's decision."

Katoa had planned on visiting Texas earlier this year, but a bad case of strep throat prevented him from attending. Once Katoa narrows down his list, he is planning on making visits to Austin and the other schools that make the cut.

"Yeah, I'm still planning on visiting Texas. I just have to plan it out with my coaches with the trips. Once I narrow down my list to seven or eight, I'm going to start sending out text messages telling the coaches the dates that I'm coming down," Katoa said.

Two schools that Katoa has taken great interest in are Texas and USC. Cottonwood doesn't have spring football practice, but that didn't stop members of both coaching staffs from stopping by.

"The linebacker coach and receivers coach (for Texas) came to see me around last month, and Pete Carroll came to see me with some of the other coaches from USC," Katoa said.

Katoa mentioned that the depth chart would likely play a factor in his decision. He may be looking to go to a school where he can log some early playing time.

"I'm trying to factor in some different things. I'm looking at the depth chart and a lot of other things right now," Katoa said.

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