Dan Buckner: Dedicated

Allen High School's Dan Buckner set the pace early during Texas' first junior day, becoming UT's biggest commit of the 2008 class. Since his commitment, he has been one of the most dedicated prospects in Texas' stable attending a UT junior day, its spring game and summer camp. Buckner got another chance to hang out with the 2008 class last weekend.

"It went pretty good," Dan Buckner said about summer camp. "I had a good time just hanging out with everybody and just getting to know everybody."

Buckner patterns himself after Longhorn superstar Limas Sweed and is actually changing his number to four during his senior season. Obviously, Buckner is one of the most celebrated commits in the 2008 class, but what does he think of the other guys?

"I thought all of the guys were pretty good. Obviously if Texas is recruiting you, you are going to be pretty good," Buckner said. "The thing that I liked the most was that everybody was down to earth and easy to talk to."

Buckner actually thinks that this class is so special that they will have a good chance to compete for a national championship a few years down the road.

"I most definitely do," Buckner said. "I feel like Texas has done a great job recruiting. They have a whole bunch of solid commitments and have a whole bunch of guys that are dedicated. Some schools like to recruit big time players and the best that they can get, but all us Texas' players are dedicated to what were doing. We've all been saying the whole time that we're going to go there. The whole time I've been with the program, I haven't seen one person change commitments or anything like that. As long as you're dedicated, I feel like you can have a big season. So yeah, I think we can compete for a national championship."

Buckner is one of the most animated guys in UT's 2008 class. He is a joy to be around and always has the ability to get a laugh out of his teammates. He spent most of his time at camp getting to know UT's newest commit, DeSean Hales.

"As far as DeSean goes, I talked to him all day from the time I got there to the time I walked out. He was the last person I talked to," Buckner said. "He is a real tight guy. We are two totally different receivers, and I think he will fit in just fine. He is real cool and I talked to him. I know I saw his game. He is a great player. He is a guy that I'm going to like to be around."

Now that summer camp is over, Buckner is trying to focus on his overall game during seven-on-seven's and summer workouts. He hopes to lead Allen to a state title during his senior season.

"Actually as we speak, I just got into Arkansas for a tournament that we won last year, seven-on-seven," Buckner said. "After that, I'm just going to go through summer workouts. Nothing big, I just want to get ready to compete for a state championship during my senior year."

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