SGP: Loaded with '09 Talent

South Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, Texas may have the most talented group of 2009 prospects in the Lone Star State. They have at least three Division I prospects on either side of the ball who are expected to have breakout seasons in 2007. South Grand Prairie Head Coach David Fisher talked about his star-studded group.

Randall Dent (6-4, 272, DE)

Dent started all 12 games for South Grand Prairie as a sophomore on his way to being awarded all-district honors. Coach Fisher raved about Dent's size and attitude on and off the football field.

"We're looking forward to him having a great junior year as a returning starter on our defensive line. The biggest thing is that he's big. As the old saying goes, 'you can't coach um' big', and here he is barely 16 years old. He's barely old enough to drive a car, and he is 6'4" and change, 270 pounds and change. You just can't make them big like that. The Good Lord does and we don't," Fisher said. "You know you can add a little muscle to him, but gosh, you're either big or your not. He just has a really big frame. He came from playing basketball when he was younger. He's got good feet and everything. He has kind of outgrown basketball, and now he realized that his thing is definitely football."

"He is just trying to improve. Right now, he is a 16-year-old kid trapped in a man's body. He is just trying to catch up athleticism wise, agility, speed and strength wise. He already has the frame and he is not through growing. I'm going to envision the kid being 6'5" and ending up at a weight around 285 pounds as he get to be a senior, but right now he is just trying to mold his body to fit his frame," Fisher added.

A guy with Dent's size will undoubtedly draw comparisons to other big guys that have come and gone. Coach Fisher talked about how Dent measures up to one of his former players and current Texas Longhorn, Tray Allen.

"He is probably every bit as big as Tray was at that age. Tray ended up being 6'4", 308 pounds his senior year, and Randall is already 6'4", and already 270-plus. Of course, as a d-lineman, we don't want him to weigh 300 pounds. With big Tray, you wanted him to weigh that much playing offensive line. Defensive linemen are a little thinner and a little quicker. That is why they play on the defensive side of the ball. Even Tray did not start as a sophomore for us on the offensive line, which is a tougher place to play than the defensive line is your sophomore year. Tray did not become a starter until his junior year. In that regard, Randall started all 12 games as a sophomore for us this year," Fisher said."

Fisher also described Dent as a good kid and a hard worker. Dent also puts a lot of effort into his school work and has been taking several honors classes.

Ryan Fitch (6-3, 195, TE)

Fitch is a very athletic tight end who also has the athletic ability to play wide receiver. He has been a three sport athlete in the past at South Grand Prairie (football, baseball and basketball), but is now focusing on football and baseball. Coach Fisher talked about Fitch's strengths and what he needs to work on before his senior season.

"He is a tall lanky kid. Again, he has a great frame but has to add some bulk," Fisher said. "His big deal is that he is learning how to become more physical as a blocker in our offense. He is great running routes and catching the ball. He has the frame for that, but he's trying to bulk up. By his senior year, we envision him being 6'4", 220, and still running a 4.6 playing tight end."

"The thing he has is that he is athletic enough. We base out of three wides and a tight end, very similar to what Texas does. We are not a pure four wide team all the time, but when we go to our four wide package, we don't even take Ryan out of the game. He just splits out and becomes a receiver. That is a deep quality that people like because you don't have to change personnel, and therefore the defensive coordinators don't know when you are going to have a tight end or not. So, that is a great thing about him. He is athletic enough to be a slot receiver. He is athletic enough to be an outside receiver, and then he is our actual tight end."

Both Dent and Fitch attended UT's summer camp two weekends ago along with several of their classmates. South Grand Prairie sent six kids in all to Texas' camp.

"They invited both of those guys. As a matter of fact, they invited six of our juniors-to-be and asked them to come to that camp. I've never had them invite six before. We have a really good junior class to be. They also invited Dewayne Peace, a wide receiver. They invited Will Adams, another wide receiver and Ryan Fitch. Those were the three offensive guys. On defense, they invited Randall Dent, and they invited Thomas Ferguson, who is our free safety and was the sophomore defensive player of the year. They also invited Patrick Nkwopara, an inside backer," Fisher said. "They had a good time. It was a one-day junior day camp. They went up there and did a great job. I am just glad all six of them got there. They all went together and did a great job."

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