Chancey Aghayere: Still Open

It was originally thought that Chancey Aghayere wouldn't make it to UT's summer camp, but he ended up attending. The Garland defensive end has been tight lipped about favoring any specific program over the last couple of months, but he talked to IT about his Austin visit and a recent report that seemed to indicate that Florida has moved into position to win his signature in February of 2008.

"Yes sir," Aghayere replied when asked if he made it to Texas' summer camp. "The coaches told me that they were glad to see me and wanted me to be a Longhorn."

The coaches were not the only ones encouraging Aghayere to choose the Longhorns. Dravannti Johnson and Dan Buckner were also whispering in his ear.

"(Dravannti) told me that he just wanted me to come down there," Aghayere said. "He said that we could create havoc on defense."

Last week, a report surfaced that made Florida look like Aghayere's clear cut favorite, but he still claims that everyone is even and that he is wide open right now.

"I don't have any favorites at this time," Aghayere said. "Everyone is pretty much still even."

Aghayere talked about what he likes about the Texas Longhorns and the Florida Gators.

"I've been watching both of them for a long time," Aghayere said. "Florida is in the SEC, which is one of the top conferences in college football. Texas is close to home."

Aghayere is still planning on visiting a couple more schools before making a decision around his September birthday. He has set up a visit to Florida the second weekend of September and is still planning on visiting two more schools within his top six.

"I'm going to try to visit Louisville and LSU," Aghayere said.

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