Roy Williams' injury status still uncertain

SE <B>Roy Williams </b>is listed as "questionable" for Saturday's game at Tulane, which surprises no one. The $64,000 question is how extensive is the right hamstring injury, and will he be fully recovered by Oct. 12?

Legislation enacted this past summer absolutely prohibits coaches from waxing too specifically about player injuries or disciplinary issues. (UT officials took Mack Brown to the woodshed last week for divulging too much information about CB Nathan Vasher's ankle injury by referring to it as a "tweak". Part of the concern of the HIPA ruling is to protect a player's privacy, but also to stem the tide of bookies anonymously contacting players on a variety of personal issues.)

To get a read on Williams' status, one needs to read between the lines of Brown's guarded comments:

"In my experience, guys come back at different times (from the same type of injury) because the pain threshold is different for everybody," Brown said. "I thought I was a good (Florida State) player who didn't have a pain threshold, but when I got hurt (knee), they told me I was fine and I hurt. I thought, ‘I don't know what you're seeing because I can't walk.' I know people say ankle and hamstring (injuries) are really bad, but I just think everything has to be handled on an individual basis."

Okay, coach, we know Cedric Benson and Chris Simms and SE Sloan Thomas and FL B.J. Johnson (remember him? -- see Hot News) can handle Tulane…but what about the No.2/No. 3 Oklahoma team that Texas meets two weeks from Saturday?

"I've learned that, at Texas, there's nothing that's down the road," Brown said. "You better win the ones in front of you or you might not get to the road. So, we will prepare this weekend like it's the last game of the season. …We will play the best players that we've got this weekend."

Here is the preliminary injury update for the Tulane game:

DE Bryan Pickryl (right shoulder) -- probable; CB Nathan Vasher (right ankle) -- questionable; DE O.J. McClintock (left knee) -- questionable; DS/TE Cullen Loeffler (left ankle) -- questionable; FS Kendal Briles (left ankle) -- out; LB Braden Johnson (right knee) -- out.

DE Kalen Thornton continued to work his way back into the lineup following off-season knee surgery but was primarily used against Houston on pass rushes.

RT Jonathon Scott took 29 snaps against Houston. "I still don't think Jonathon Scott's totally well," Brown said. "He's still not what he was during the preseason."

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