North Mesquite's Next Big Thing

Three years ago, North Mesquite High School was home to one of the biggest offensive tackles in the state in the form of J'Marcus Webb. Fast forward a couple of years to the class of 2009, and North Mesquite has another mammoth tackle ready to hit the field.

The 6-foot-6, 320-pound Josh Aladenoye played in the first two games of his sophomore year before dislocating his shoulder, consequently ending his season. Aladenoye is healthy now and has already started thinking about recruiting.

"OU, OSU, Texas and Mississippi State," Aladenoye replied when asked about the schools that he liked at this point in time. "I like that these schools win. They all have good programs and good traditions. I want to go to a school where I can win, because I like winning."

Out of the four schools that Aladenoye mentioned, Oklahoma and Texas stand out more than the others, but it's OU that has the slight edge right now.

"I would probably say that it's between OU and Texas, but I'm leaning towards OU," Aladenoye said when asked about a favorite. "I like their offensive line out there (Oklahoma). They not only prepare you to be big, but they also prepare you to be fast on your feet."

Aladenoye hasn't been too busy this summer. He has spent most of his time lifting weights and getting ready for the upcoming season. However, he did make it to Stillwater for camp earlier this summer.

"I went to an OSU camp. That is the only one," Aladenoye said. "It went pretty good. I liked it a lot."

Aladenoye talked about what he is going to look for when it comes down to choosing the right school.

"Academics and football are the main two keys," Aladenoye said. "As long as I get to play, it (early playing time) really doesn't matter to me.

Many people are already starting to compare Aladenoye to former North Mesquite star J'Marcus Webb. Aladenoye talked about how Webb helped him to become the player he is today.

"He taught me a lot," Aladenoye said. "He kind of put me under his wing and taught me all I know at the right tackle position."

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