Russell Shepard: Is Texas Still on Top?

Cypress Ridge quarterback Russell Shepard has made it pretty clear over the past four months that the Texas Longhorns are near the top of his list. However, he is also getting a lot of attention from several out-of-state schools. In fact, a new school has started to come on strong lately and could be a major player for Shepard's services.

"Texas and Ohio State have said that they are recruiting me," Russell Shepard said. "Really, Texas and Ohio State are the only schools that are not in the SEC that I'm already looking at going to."

"My big thing is that I would like to play for the best school right now. Whoever has the best receivers is going to determine my number one. I'm looking for whoever has the best team and can put me in a position to come in and play as a freshman, but redshirting really isn't a big thing. Right now, I really don't have a favorite at all. The only new school that has jumped into the picture is Ohio State, but I don't have a number one," Shepard added.

Several SEC schools are also high on Shepard's list including Alabama, Florida and LSU, but it is Ohio State that he has family ties to. His cousin is former Buckeye and Tennessee Titans great Eddie George.

Shepard had originally planned a big summer with camp visits to Texas, Texas A&M and a visit to Alabama and Florida, but he decided to focus on his team instead.

"I went to Texas' camp and I went to a quarterback camp up in Abilene. I decided not to go to any other camps so I could focus on my team. As far as camps, I just looked at Texas' mini-day camp."

One thing about Shepard that is always apparent is that he is a very team oriented player, and he is expecting great things for Cypress Ridge this season.

"On both sides of the ball, we have something special. We have so much speed. So, we are just expecting some real big things."

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