Kindle, Melton Suspended for Three Games

Linebacker Sergio Kindle and defensive end Henry Melton have been suspended for Texas' first three games of the 2007 season following DWI arrests earlier this summer, Texas coach Mack Brown announced Sunday.

In addition, Brown reiterated that DT Dre Jones has been suspended indefinitely from the program following his arrest Friday morning. The freshman faces first-degree felony charges stemming from a July 27 aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon allegations involving former Texas SS Robert Joseph.

The suspensions are intended to send a "very, very strong message" that the recent off-the-field incidents will not be tolerated, Brown said. Henry Melton was arrested on June 1, while Sergio Kindle's offense was on July 28. Both will participate in community service and will meet this week with a representative from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Brown noted. August camp begins Monday evening at Denius Field. They will be required to attend alcohol counseling classes and will face in-house "disciplinary action outside of whatever the legal process will do. They will rejoin the team as soon as they get some of these things done, which could be as early as the middle or the end of the week."

Melton and Kindle will not suit up for home games against Arkansas State, TCU or the September 15 road game at Central Florida.

"At that time, I will sit down with both young men and see if they've learned from their experience and if they are ready to move forward as team members," Brown added. "Obviously, that penalizes our team because they're both really good football players. But with the problems of drunk driving and with drugs that we have in society right now, we thought it was a great opportunity for our team to take a strong stand against both of those actions and help get the attention of not only young people but adults. Also, it's a time where I need to stand up as head coach and take responsibility for anything that's negative, be a strong leader and send a strong message and move forward with our football team."

The suspensions, combined with the retraction of Joseph's scholarship, are the stiffest Brown has levied during his 23 years as a head coach.

"We have a ‘zero tolerance' policy, and we had it this summer," Brown said. "That's one of the reasons why (Kindle, Melton) are messing three games for a DUI whereas, in the past, they might have missed just one. We're sending a very, very strong message. The large majority (of players) are listening. The few that aren't will be disciplined and punished."

"I also want to make sure we understand that kids are never guilty until the end of the legal process," Brown continued. "We have always told our kids that we are among the most scrutinized programs in the country. If you do something wrong in our program, it will be public. I think that's a good thing because, if you're doing something wrong, it should be public and you should be penalized for it."

Brown began his annual pre-season press conference by apologizing to University of Texas administration, students, alumnus and fans for the recent misconduct from some of his players.

"It's not what we have worked so hard for nine and one-half years to portray in our program of class, integrity and character," Brown said. "It's something we are not proud of, but I can promise you that it is not indicative of who this team really is. This team is as good a group of young men as we've ever coached. They will move forward and continue to prove that, on-and-off the field."

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