Photo Gallery - The Running Backs

Last year marked the first time in ages that Texas did not have a 1,000 rusher. Jamaal Charles plans to change all that this year and once again make the run game a team strength. Other players to look for this season include Chris Ogbonnaya, Vondrell McGee, and Foswhitt Whittaker.

After dedicating himself to football in the spring, a stronger Jamaal Charles is poised to have a big year.

Chris Ogbonnaya fights for extra yardage.

Jamaal Charles against Texas Tech.

Will Texas fans get to see Derek Lokey line up at FB this season?

Jamaal Charles against Oklahoma State.

Chris Ogbonnaya against Sam Houston.

Jamaal Charles drags a Sooner for a first down.

Vondrell McGee should be able to get some meaningful snaps this season.

Jamaal Charles breaks through the line against Nebraska.

Chris Ogbonnaya follows the lead block of Nate Jones.

True Freshman Foswhitt Whittaker from Pearland HS.

Vondrell McGee cuts outside.

In what is hopefully a common occurance this season, Jamaal Charles goes in for a touchdown.

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