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Photo Gallery - The Quarterbacks
There is no QB controversy this year as Colt McCoy is the undisputed leader of the Texas offense.

Photo Gallery - The Receivers
Even with a rash of pre-season injuries, this figures to be the most talent-rich position for the 2007 Longhorns. A look a some of the players Texas fans will see hauling in passes from Colt McCoy this season.

Who's the face of the '07 Longhorns?
Austin American-Statesman
Longhorn fans, here's your team leader for 2007: He's Colt McCoy, the 20-year-old sophomore quarterback entering his second year as a starter.

Coaches sing praises of UT utility man Hall
Austin American-Statesman
He smiles and chuckles like he doesn't have a care in the world as sweat drips off his 6-foot-4-inch, 295-pound body. This is Chris Hall? This is the guy who's been pushing defensive linemen all over the place? This is the guy whose nasty side comes out once he steps on the field? This is the guy coaches have been raving about throughout two-a-days?

Positional analysis: Offensive line
Austin American-Statesman

Positional analysis: Defensive line
Austin American-Statesman

Texas DT Miller becoming a leader
Dallas Morning News
Junior defensive tackle Roy Miller came up with the idea for the seniors to start meeting over the summer with younger players and is stepping up as a leader on and off the field, according to coaches.

Longhorns yet to decide on punter
Dallas Morning News
The Texas punting job was still undecided as training camp ended Friday.

Darrell K Royal – Football fantasy for the ages
San Antonio Express-News
The highway sign popped up in the distance. To the restless passengers in the cramped car, it was like a palm tree marking an oasis. "Disneyland," it read. "Next right." Darrell Royal, unknowingly embarked on the most important pilgrimage of his life, was as eager as anyone else in the car for a laugh-laden pit stop. Yet for Royal, then 32 and father to three, the real fantasy waited at the end of the line.

McCoy a real peach, fuzz and all
San Antonio Express-News
For almost a year, Colt McCoy endured the jokes. People asked the famously baby-faced Texas quarterback if he still got carded at R-rated movies. They compared him to the perpetually pubescent title character in the TV show, "Malcolm in the Middle." They asked to see his driver's license, uncertain if he was old enough to get behind the wheel. This summer, McCoy finally decided he'd had enough. So he grew a goatee. Or at least tried.

UT's heritage of hard knocks
San Antonio Express-News
Six photos, each with a single face, hang in the meeting room for the Texas Longhorns' defensive backs. The six former UT greats keep a watchful gaze over those who now shoulder the tradition they helped create. For the Longhorns' secondary, this is the hall of presidents: Quentin Jammer. Nathan Vasher. Michael Huff. Cedric Griffin. Aaron Ross. Michael Griffin. To UT defensive backs, they tower like Mount Rushmore, larger than life and ever present.

Colt armed for action
Daily Texan
It's time for Texas to officially start the Colt McCoy regime. Making the change starts with molding the Longhorns' offense to its sophomore quarterback. To accomplish this, offensive coordinator Greg Davis is all but doing away with the plays that showcased former quarterback Vince Young's talents so well.

Austin Power: Akina Takes Over
Washington Post
Duane Akina simultaneously bemoans and enjoys the piercing shout of his wife each time they have guests over for a barbecue. "Hey!" Donna Akina yells. "Hurry up with those steaks!" Duane Akina cringes, then smiles. His guests are members of the Texas Longhorns' defense, and as the co-defensive coordinator, Akina thinks it's good for them to see him "get his butt kicked" by his wife. After all, he does much the same to them on the practice field.


Danks back from world tour
While most college kids were taking it easy this summer and his fellow teammates were spread out from coast to coast playing in summer leagues, Jordan Danks spent 57 days touring New England and the Deep South along with Brazil and The Netherlands as a member of the U.S. National Baseball Team.


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