Photo Gallery - Arkansas State

Texas raced to a quick 14-3 lead in the first quarter and then settled down into some seriously ugly football for the remainder of the game to hold on for a 21-13 victory.

This Limas Sweed touchdown catch gave Texas an early lead.

Jamaal Charles works his way through traffic.

Quan Cosby brings back a punt return.

Corey Leonard just gets his screen pass over the outstretched arms of Lamarr Houston.

Frank Okam tosses his man aside and heads for ASU's Corey Leonard.

Jamaal Charles tries to outrun a wall of ASU defenders.

Colt McCoy throws from the pocket.

Erick Jackson and Scott Derry combine on a tackle.

Nate Jones snags a Colt McCoy pass for a first down.

Brandon Foster with flies in for a tackle.

Colt McCoy gets rid of the ball just before taking a hit from an ASU defender.

Cedric Dockery sets up in pass protection.

Brandon Foster and Drew Kelson both came up empty on this interception attempt.

Robert Killebrew gets past his blocker and grabs a handful of Corey Leonard's jersey.

Limas Sweed goes up for an acrobatic catch.

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