Central Florida Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in the 35-32 win over Central Florida.

We weren't very crisp in our execution of our offense in the heat and humidity against UCF. Despite seeing the same basic defensive alignment for the third game in a row, we weren't able to put consistent efforts without a missed block, a busted assignment, or the blocking scheme asking more than we are physically able to perform.

The WR's had a great day catching the short accurate passes and we went one for three on the long tosses---one catch, one incomplete after review, and one intercepted. The RB's had a productive afternoon but two fumbles marred a great effort running, catching, and blocking. Our QB was on target most of the time but had one pick and another that should have been. The OLine had two great overall performances but had three very spotty efforts---strength, scheme, and our QB vacating the pocket early had a large part in the mistakes but bad decisions and a lack of aggression were more responsible for their beats.

Offensive Report Card

For the third week in a row we have allowed defensive mistakes and big plays to keep our opponents much closer to winning in the fourth quarter. We are still having problems with executing our schemes. We had busted pass coverages. We had miscommunications between our outside force people as to who had the QB on the zone keep. We have certain positions getting blocked entirely too often. We are missing too many tackles from several positions. We are getting blocked too often from not positioning ourselves to the advantage side of the blocker. We are over pursuing regularly and misdirection is killing our second level of the defense. We have one area of our coverage unit that is giving up to many catches without any real challenge because of a huge cushion.

The defense is getting outstanding effort and results from the front line. They would play much better if the second level guys would support the flow lanes with conviction and quality technique because the DL would have time to disengage and slide to the ball. We are getting great penetration from the inside pair---the lack of confidence in the second level guys has already made our DC utilize inside stunting and tight closing with our DE's way too often. New personnel at the three second level spots and a more aggressive corner would change the entire complexion of this defense but we would still need to eliminate the missed tackles.

Defensive Report Card

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