Rhontae Scales: Enjoys Visit to 40 Acres

It's no secret that the state of Texas produces quality offensive linemen every year and the class of 2009 is no different. Killeen's Rhontae Scales will likely be one of the most highly recruited prospects at the position. Scales was in Austin last weekend for the Rice game and he talked about the experience.

"I went to the UT game last Saturday," Rhontae Scales said. "We toured the facilities, the weight room and the game room. Then, we went on the field for pre-game. Then, we went into the stands and watched the game. After that, we got to go in the locker room with the players.

"I talked to Tony Hills, Britt Mitchell, Limas Sweed, Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Roy Miller and a couple others," Scales said. "They were just telling me to keep my head in school. They said that I could do anything if I kept working hard in school."

Scales had limited contact with the UT coaching staff, but he did get the opportunity to have a simple conversation with Texas' offensive line coach Mac McWhorter.

"I liked it," Scales said about the UT campus and facilities. "Everything was really nice; the weight room, the field and the locker room."

Despite the visit to UT, Scales is still wide open when it comes to recruiting. He currently holds an offer from the Oklahoma State Cowboys and is hearing from some of the top programs from around the country.

"I haven't talked to any coaches, but I am getting mail from OU, OSU, UT, Texas Tech, KU and Notre Dame," Scales said.

Scales talked about what is will be looking for when recruiting really begins to heat up.

"I'm looking for academics, how good the team is and the graduation rate," Scales said.

Scales and his teammates at Killeen High School have started the year off 4-0.

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