Rex Burkhead Talks Recruiting

It's a tough task to find an athlete that can play multiple positions without losing a step, but that is exactly what Plano's Rex Burkhead brings to the football field. Burkhead already has two offers on the table and is hearing from schools all over the country. He talked recruiting with Inside Texas.

"I have offers from North Texas and the University of California," Rex Burkhead said. "I'm receiving mail from all the Big 12 schools, Florida, Stanford, Wake Forest, Duke, Alabama and Arkansas."

Despite the early offers, Burkhead remains open when it comes to recruiting. Many kids from Texas grow up rooting for the Longhorns or the Aggies, but Burkhead grew up a Florida State fan.

"Actually I liked Florida State," Burkhead said when asked if he had any favorite schools growing up. "Deion Sanders was always my favorite player, and he went to school there. I can remember watching him."

Florida State is one of the many schools sending mail to Plano's star, but his only camp visit of the summer came at the University of Alabama. He talked about his experience in Tuscaloosa.

"I went to the Alabama camp," Burkhead said. "I loved it down there. Their facilities are really nice, and I loved their coaching staff. They are great people, and I love the way they teach their kids."

Burkhead has also planned on attending one-day camps at Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, but he wasn't able to make it because of an ankle injury. However, he has made one visit since college football started up.

"I went to my brother's game up at Harvard," Burkhead said. "I'm planning on making more visits before the end of the season."

Burkhead hasn't set up any unofficial visits to date, but it's pretty clear that location will not be an issue in his recruitment.

"I'm going to take a look at other schools. I'm not just going to limit myself to the schools close to Texas. I'm sure I will make a couple of out-of-state visits," Burkhead said.

At 5-foot-10.5, 185 pounds, it is still unsure what position Burkhead will play on the next level. Alabama is recruiting him at safety, but he may be more dangerous on the offensive side of the ball.

Last Friday against Allen, Burkhead put on an absolute show rushing or 156 yards on seven carries. He also caught six passes for 120 yards. Plano lost its first game of the year against Allen but looks very strong going forward.

"We made a lot of mistakes (against Allen), but I'm hoping we can learn from those and make a really strong run in the playoffs," Burkhead said.

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