Will OU Outcome Define Simms? No, Says Brown

This is what sports television and radio personality <B>Jim Rome </B>had to say about QB <B>Chris Simms </B>on his Wednesday radio program: &quot;It doesn&#146;t matter how well he&#146;s played this season. Nothing that happens before Oklahoma matters if they lose to Oklahoma. If he does, that&#146;s an 0-2 record that&#146;s going to follow him around for the rest of his life.&quot;

Head coach Mack Brown would be quick to differ.

"People have asked if this game defines Chris Simms," Brown said. "I don’t think Peyton Manning ever beat Florida, and he’s doing pretty well. I don’t think Troy Aikman ever beat USC, and it seems like he has a pretty good career."

True, but how many Orangebloods are worried this week about how well Simms does in two years against some NFL expansion team?

"There’s a lot of people that would like to have him," Brown said. "He’s playing better right now than he’s ever played. The thing that I see in him is that he’s so competitive."

An example was the Oklahoma State game, Brown said, where Simms had every reason to come out flat.

"Boy, was he competing. He was yelling at those kids, pushing them and getting after them. Not all of our guys played well; he did."

Simms has thrown just one bad ball all season (a dropped interception against Houston) while his other interceptions were tipped balls, Brown pointed out.

"Other than that, he has been perfect," the head coach said. "He’s different from last year. He doesn’t care what people are saying about him; he just wants to win. I think that’s a huge difference right now in his personality. He gets more attention than President Bush sometimes, but I think he’s used to that now. I think because we thought he was from New York and his dad was a superstar, we thought he would handle all that. And I don’t know that he handled all that well. I’ve said many times, some people hold him to a different standard than other players across the country. Whether that’s fair or not, it’s not his decision or my decision; that’s what it is. So, understand that’s what you've got and just live with it."

Brown said earlier this season that Simms had just six bad quarters last year, but they happened to be in the two biggest games of the year: the Oklahoma game and the Big 12 Championship Game.

"I think OU was different because he played really well until the last two drives," Brown said. "Two of his four interceptions were when we were in desperation. We’re backed up at the 2-yard line and it was not his fault on the interception where Roy Williams hit Chris like he did Kerry Collins (Sunday). I was glad to see that. I thought (Roy) was still back. I flinched when I saw him hitting Kerry."

Simms’ last interception was a desperation throw when the receiver was covered, Brown added.

"The other two interceptions were when he was throwing into the wind, Sloan Thomas is open, and the ball hangs and they intercept it while we’re going to win the game. It’s a great play by them."

On the other interception, Simms was throwing toward the Oklahoma bench and the ball was under thrown.

"(Cornerback) Andre Woolfolk falls down, gets up, runs and intercepts the ball and starts heading the other way," Brown recalled. "Against Colorado, I thought he probably tried too hard. I thought that was the one that got out of hand, but he played really well against OU until the end. He played with a lot of poise. And I thought he got beaten up a lot worse than he should have after that ballgame. I thought it was a great ballgame that a lot of people missed."

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