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Longhorn media links for Thursday, Oct. 10:

Austin American-Statesman: OU suggests moving game from Dallas

Austin American-Statesman: Trouble afoot for UT's Benson?

Austin American-Statesman: Longhorn notes

Austin American-Statesman: Ultimate Texan now works on the other side

Dallas Morning News: Stoops believes in magic

Dallas Morning News: Former OU, Texas coaches run out, passed over

Dallas Morning News: UT notebook: Kicker becomes a history buff

Dallas Morning News: DFW Connection: Marcus Tubbs, Texas DT (DeSoto)

Dallas Morning News: OU notebook: Backup plan in freshman's hands

Dallas Morning News: Texas-OU: A winner of a weekend

Dallas Morning News: Football rivalry is real deal – make sure ticket is, too

Houston Chronicle: UT adds Benson to mix after benching last year

Houston Chronicle: Minus the hostility, luster returns to UT-OU clash

Houston Chronicle: OU plays follow the leader

Houston Chronicle: Solomon's rankings

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fame, but there's a big catch


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas 'primed' for OU

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Coming soon: The Texas Motor Football Stadium?

San Antonio Express-News: A historical investigation into the roots of a reheated rivalry

Daily Texan: Payback Time

Daily Texan: No. 3 Texas vs. No. 2 OU

Daily Texan: Texas-OU rivalry rich with tradition, close games and pride

Daily Texan: Key Matchups

Daily Texan: Numbers don't favor Longhorns

Daily Texan: Soon-er or later, he'll be a star

Daily Texan: Sooners, Stoops like the role of the underdog

Daily Texan: Stacked up

Daily Texan (AP): Storied OU tradition safe with head coach Stoops

Daily Texan: Thinking ahead

Daily Texan (AP): TMS interested in future Texas-OU game

Daily Texan: Volleyball: Longhorns hang on for five-game win

Daily Texan: Men's Tennis: Doubles play still up for Haney

Daily Oklahoman: Brown has a Horn in his side

Daily Oklahoman: Texas scouting report

Daily Oklahoman: OU/Texas football notes

Daily Oklahoman: Texas: A rank problem

Daily Oklahoman: Speedway offers big game venue

Daily Oklahoman: OU-Texas game: Just like chess

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