Guys like <B>Quentin Jammer, Roy Williams</B> and <B>Rocky Calmus </B>are playing Sundays now, but there hasn&#146;t been an appreciable statistical drop-off among either UT's or OU's defense so far this season.

"When you look at their defense," Mack Brown said, "it’s just a group of All-Americans."

Bob Stoops could just have easily said the same thing about the Texas defense (that is, if Stoops were to ever say anything nice about Texas).

"Both team have great defenses so it might be a defensive ball game again this year," MLB Reed Boyd said. "Last year was such a defensive ball game, it was like, ‘Who is not going to score?’"

Here’s what’s really scary about OU’s defense: it has just one starting senior (Andre Woolfolk), and only one other senior on the entire two-deep defensive chart. The boys in Crimson are going to be around for a while. Then again, so are Derrick Johnson, Rodrique Wright, Bryan Pickryl, Edorian McCullough, Nathan Vasher, Michael Huff and Cedric Griffin.

A quick peek at current NCAA statistics gives Texas a slight edge in key defensive categories:


Texas: 225.6/ No. 2

OU: 299.4/ No. 22


Texas: 104.2/No. 20

OU: 124.6/No. 38


TEXAS: 121.4/No. 2

OU: 174.8/No. 22


Texas: 70.8/No. 2

OU: 86.8/No. 5


Texas: 9.4/No. 2

OU: 13.0/No. 5


A quick glance at the final scores in this storied 97-year series reveals that winning comes in cycles. Texas owned the 1960s and 1990s, while Oklahoma pretty much ruled the Red River rivalry in the mid-1970s and the mid-1980s. Here is the breakdown of the past five complete decades and the games won in each by each school:

1950s: OU 7 wins; Texas 3 wins.

1960s: Texas 9 wins: OU 1 win

1970s: OU 6 wins: Texas 3 wins; 1 Tie

1980s: OU 5 wins; Texas 4 wins; 1 Tie

1990s: Texas 7 wins; OU 2 wins; 1 Tie

The recent trend (2000, 2001) has a decided Crimson and Cream tint to it, but is it too soon to label the two setbacks the beginning of the next Sooner streak. Even if it were, there’s other ways to skin this series. Texas holds an 8-4-1 advantage during the past 13 years. Additionally, Texas is 6-1-1 in Top 15 matchups when it enters the game as the higher ranked team, but is 3-9 when it is the lower ranked team. The series is tied at three in Big 12 matchups, and Brown is 2-2 against Oklahoma since coming to Austin. Meanwhile, head coach Mike Stoops is 9-2 against ranked teams; Mack Brown is 7-10 against ranked foes. The Sooners are 5-6 in games played on October 12. Texas leads the overall series 53-36-5.


A win over Oklahoma? What’s it worth to you? Either way, the series is a cash cow for the City of Dallas.

"They‘re going to make some money at a time when the economy is bad," Brown said, adding that the team’s success is estimated at bringing in approximately $84 million into the Austin-area economy this year. "The Dallas Chamber of Commerce ought to throw a huge party for the Texas and OU players right after the game to thank them for the $30 million that they’re going to bring to that city this weekend at a time when people need money."

According to OU Weekend lore, Dallas merchants allegedly prefer an Oklahoma victory because Sooners tend to stay longer and spend money while Texas fans tend to return home after a 24-hour road trip.

In addition, the return of Texas and OU to the loftier echelons of college football is a good deal for the NCAA as well, Brown said.

"It’s great for college football when these two teams are at the top," Brown said, "because it’s two traditional teams that are back."

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