Randall Excited About 1st College Game

Monsignor Kelly's Kheeston Randall is a very valuable piece in Texas' 2008 recruiting class. The big defensive tackle is one of only two defensive line commits in UT's current class. IT caught up with Randall to talk about his senior season and his current status with the Longhorns.

"Yes sir, I'm still solid," Kheeston Randall replied.

Randall has yet to make any game day visit to the 40 Acres this year. In fact, he has never even been to a college football game, but that could change this weekend.

"I'm going to try to go to the Nebraska game this weekend," Randall said. "I'm pretty excited about it. It's going to be my first college game. It's a big deal for me to be in that atmosphere."

Randall added that he would likely not make any more visits after this weekend.

The Big DT had taken a visit to LSU after he committed to Texas, but told IT at the time that he "just went down there with one of my hommies" and "wanted to get out of Beaumont for awhile and find something fun to do."

An ankle injury has limited Randall's effectiveness throughout his senior season. However when he has been healthy, Randall has shown why he is such a highly-touted prospect recording 22 tackles and four and a half sacks.

"We're good. We're 6-0 right now," Randall said. "I've been doing well. I've only really been able to play two games because of a high ankle sprain. In the other games, I was used as a decoy."

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