Poll Report: Within Striking Distance

It's still a long shot, but with Texas moving up to 15th in the latest BCS standings, the Longhorns still have a slim hope of making a BCS Bowl.

Texas is now at No. 15 in the BCS standings, up four spots from last week.

It would take quite a bit for Texas to go to the BCS when Big 12 play is done. The Longhorns will have to win out and probably get a little help from the teams in front of them, but if things fall just right, the Horns could actually make a BCS bowl. Of course, with three conference games remaining against Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M and a lot of pieces needing to coming into place, it's a huge 'if'. But BCS representatives are taking that 'if' seriously. Officials from the Sugar Bowl, which would be the Horns most likely BCS destination, were on hand for the win over Nebraska.

For the first time in what seems like forever, the top of the BCS stayed the same. Ohio State, Boston College and LSU remain the top three teams in the poll. Arizona State and Oregon round out the top five in the standings.

In the Big 12, Oklahoma sits just outside the top five at No. 6 and undefeated Kansas continues to inch its way up the rankings. The Jayhawks are at 8. Continuing the strong showing from the North, Missouri is at 9th in the BCS standings. The Horns are the final Big 12 team in the Top 25.

BCS Standings (The games remaining for the teams in front of Texas are in parenthesis)

1. Ohio State -- (No. 21 Wisconsin, Illinois, at No. 12 Michigan)
2. Boston College -- (Florida State, at Maryland, at No. 25 Clemson, Miami)
3. LSU -- (at No. 17 Alabama, Louisiana Tech, at Mississippi, Arkansas)
4. Arizona State -- (at No. 5 Oregon, at UCLA, No. 19 USC, at Arizona)
5. Oregon -- (No.4 Arizona State, at Arizona, at UCLA, Oregon State)
6. Oklahoma -- (Texas A&M, Baylor, at Texas Tech, Oklahoma State)
7. West Virginia -- (Louisville, at Cincinnati, No. 13 Connecticut, Pittsburgh)
8. Kansas -- (Nebraska, at Oklahoma State, Iowa State, No. 9 Missouri)
9. Missouri -- (at Colorado, Texas A&M, at Kansas State, at No. 8 Kansas)
10. Georgia -- (Troy, No. 16 Auburn, Kentucky, at Georgia Tech)
11. Virginia Tech -- (at Georgia Tech, Florida State, Miami, at No. 23 Virginia)
12. Michigan -- (at Michigan State, at No. 21 Wisconsin, No. 1 Ohio State)
13. Connecticut -- (Rutgers, at Cincinnati, Syracuse, at No. 7 West Virginia)
14. Hawaii -- (Fresno State, at Nevada, No. 22 Boise State, Washington)
15. Texas
16. Auburn
17. Alabama
18. South Florida
19. USC
20. Florida
21. Wisconsin
22. Boise State
23. Virginia
24. Wake Forest
25. Clemson

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