Two New Offers for ‘Shep'

Everything seems to be looking up for Cypress Ridge quarterback Russell Shepard. He has been shredding defenses since his sophomore season and was recently named one of 10 five-star prospects for the class of 2009. With Recruiting in full swing, Shepard is hearing from just about every major program in the country and picked up two new offers recently.

"Right now, I have 10 offers," Russell Shepard said. "Boston College offered me a couple of days ago and Arizona State has offered me. So right now, I have offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Tulsa, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Iowa, Boston College and Arizona State."

Shepard's latest offers come from schools having outstanding 2007 seasons. Both schools are 8-0 and sit inside the top five in most college football polls. Shepard talked about both BC and ASU.

"With Arizona State, I talked to their coach yesterday. They have a whole new coaching staff, and that coaching staff has won some national championships in the past. So I am very impressed with the coaching staff," Shepard said.

"As far as Boston College, I like how they developed their quarterback Matt Ryan. With Matt Ryan, they have one of the best quarterbacks in the nation," Shepard added. "Those two programs had trouble for awhile, but they are moving back up the totem pole. I like the way they are winning and everything."

At last check, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio State and Florida were all high on Shepard's list. Since then, a couple of new programs have started showing increased interest, and Shepard is definitely listening.

"USC is recruiting me now. I'm interested unless they are looking for a different style of quarterback. I haven't talked to coach Carroll yet. They are recruiting me now and Florida State is too," Shepard said. "Since USC and Florida State have jumped into it, everything has changed, but Texas and Florida are still going to be up there. I like the type of system they use."

Shepard has also started hearing from Georgia and the Bulldogs are also high on his list along with Alabama, Arkansas and Ohio State.

"Georgia is recruiting me now. I really liked what they did with D.J. Shockley awhile back," Shepard said. "If I had to pick six, I would be Texas, Florida, Ohio State, Georgia, Arkansas and Alabama."

Shepard hasn't been able to make any game day visits so far this year, but he wants to make it to Austin before the end of the season.

"I haven't been able to, but I think before the season is over that I may try to make it up for a Texas game. They have asked me and my father to come down there. A&M has also asked," Shepard said. "Every school is sending me some stuff, but I just haven't had time to go down."

Shepard has helped led Cypress Ridge to a 7-1 start and earlier this season he had a career game against Cypress Falls. In that game, Shepard rushed for 350 yards and scored five times.

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