Ready to Enroll

Austin High offensive lineman Mark Buchanan committed to the University of Texas way back in February and has been a regular at Longhorn home games this season. Buchanan is counting down the days before he gets to UT but is also staying focused on his senior season. He was on campus Saturday for Texas' victory over Texas Tech.

"Yeah, I did," Mark Buchanan replied when asked if he made it to the game on Saturday. "I took some of my high school coaches. We had a good time."

Buchanan has made it to almost every UT home game this season, but he does like to get away from the game of football every now and then.

"I've been to most of them," Buchanan said. "I'm a big hunter. I go hunting with my dad on our ranch every now and then. I missed the Rice game."

The Longhorns are bringing in a number of prospects from the Austin area in '08 and Buchanan has already established relationships with a number of the local commits.

"They are all great guys. I have become good friends with Justin Tucker. I talk to Blake Gideon a little bit and Luke Poehlmann has come down a couple of times. All those guys that live close are really great guys," Buchanan said.

With such impressive classes in the last two years, Buchanan is excited about the future and thinks that the Longhorns should be able to compete for a national title in the coming years.

"Absolutely," Buchanan said. "I don't see any real reason why we shouldn't. The '07 class was full of great skill guys, and I think that the offensive line has potential to be great in the future. We are bringing in some great DBs in Aaron Williams and D.J. Monroe and some great receivers as well. So, I think we have the potential to do some great things."

Austin High School has started the season 8-2. They are preparing for the playoffs which start of Friday night.

"We are 8-2 heading into the playoffs," Buchanan said. "We actually have the first seed in our bracket, but we got matched up with another really great team. It should be a hell of a game. Hopefully we can win."

Buchanan is planning on graduating early and enrolling for classes at UT in the spring.

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