Inside Texas Editorial: Heads Must Roll

Texas, with a potential conference championship on the line against a mediocre Texas A&M squad, performed, well, just like it did last year under similar circumstances, laying an egg. The only difference? This one came in College Station, in even more embarrassing fashion that last year's debacle. After this performance, heads must roll.

Mack Brown has won a national championship, but that honeymoon is more than over. If Brown wants to remain the head coach at the University of Texas, he absolutely must make changes in his coaching staff. Over the last two seasons, his offensive coordinator, with championships and BCS games on the line, has managed to coach his charges to 10 points in six quarters (which, this year, put the team in a 14-point hole at halftime) versus the equally inept (versus every other team on the schedule) Gary Darnell. And his defensive coordinator has overseen the worst three game defensive stretch in UT's storied history, followed by the coup de grace from a Stone Age offense that tallied more against Texas than it did against any other Big 12 opponent. Pedestrian Aggie quarterback Stephen McGee passed for 366 yards. Let that soak in. Stephen freakin' McGee, he of the fluttering duck passes, totaled over 100 yards more than he had against any other defense this year, including Baylor, Fresno State (which held the pathetic Aggie passing game to less than 100 yards) and Louisiana Monroe.

Both Greg Davis and Duane Akina must go.

And if Brown is not able or willing to make those changes, then his tenure as head coach of the Longhorns should also end.

Yes, this was a ‘rebuilding year' for the Horns, but that does not excuse the absolutely horrific play at times from Brown's team, including today in the regular season finale. Arkansas State. Central Florida. Kansas State. Nebraska. Oklahoma State. Now A&M. This team has not been consistently prepared, and certainly not at a championship level.

The game versus the Aggies looked so familiar. It was the MO for the Horns all year, except, this time, Colt McCoy and Co. could not overcome the ineptitude of the coaching staff's preparation and game planning. Just as it was in ‘06, the Horns played the A&M game as if it were a game against a directional school.

A&M will fire its head coach in the next couple of days, yet that same coach for the Ags has now proven capable of besting Brown and his assistants in consecutive years when the Horns clearly had more talent than the team in Maroon and White. That is unacceptable, particularly given the fact that Brown and his assistants are among the highest paid in college football.

While Brown is a perfect fit for the Texas coaching job, he must also know that what has transpired over the final games of the 2006 and 2007 seasons is in no way acceptable. He must make changes on his staff that reflect a commitment to returning this program to a national championship level immediately. Greg Davis and Duane Akina must go. Now.

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