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IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in Texas' loss to Texas A&M.

Two fumbles and one pass interception hurt in the worst way on a day when the defense couldn't get the Aggie offense off the field. Jammal Charles provided another quality performance, Quan Cosby added a huge kickoff return to get us back in the game, and Ced Dockery did a fine job of blocking as the three bright spots on a dismal day against the in-state rival.

We dropped too many passes, busted too many assignments, and failed to match the intensity of our opponent to win this game. It's fair to question some of the play calls but in all honesty the three turnovers and numerous drops from open receivers did more to stall our production than a bad day from the headsets.

Here are the grades:

Offensive Report Card

We had a big problem stopping the Aggie offense. Missed tackles are completely the fault of the players. Staying blocked is also strictly on the players. Teeing it up against your in-state rival without any obvious emotion is blamed on each individual player but you must wonder what kind of inspirational leadership is preparing the team.

The defensive gameplan included playing a weak corner in a nine technique on a TE, a zone coverage that put the back seven working completely independent of each other, and a steady diet of mugging at least one LB that failed miserably to produce a single play but did manage to completely rob our pursuit of a defender. This illustrates a total lack of quality teaching and decision making skills from our defensive staff. The defensive alignment on the field goal attempt being unsound, the failure to adjust to the unsuspected passing attack, and the complete lack of sideline adjustments must fall on the co-DC's shoulders.

Here are the grades:

Defensive Report Card

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