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Texas A&M Game Report Cards
IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in Texas' loss to Texas A&M.

Conner's Burnt Orange Glasses: Texas A&M
OK. OK. OK. OK. Stop me if you've heard this one. Did you hear the joke about the time the Aggies fired their football coach after he beat t.u. two years in a row?

Byrne plays it safe
Austin American-Statesman
Bill Byrne went for safe. Proven, if not exactly charismatic, although the Texas A&M athletic director calls Mike Sherman "an inspirational coach." More than anything else, the new Aggie coach is a safe hire, but not one who will scare the Sooners or the Longhorns. Check that. Every Aggie coach scares the Longhorns these days.

Mediocrity at any price for Longhorns
Austin American-Statesman
Kirk Bohls hit it right on the head when he said this about Mack Brown: "His staff's inability to adjust quickly, and his extreme loyalty to his staff, a loyalty that may exceed his devotion to the school and his players."

Aggies' national search turns out to be a solo act -- without a star
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Whew. What an exhausting "national search."

The right man for the gig
Houston Chronicle
It's a dog-eat-Reveille world out there. Bill Byrne would consider it professional malpractice if he didn't perpetually prepare for the worst, as ghoulish as such precautions may seem at times... Byrne officially launched his latest search Friday night. The quest for the Texas A&M Aggies' next head football coach ended after one interview. Byrne found his man 100 miles southeast of Kyle Field, at One Reliant Park, under the employ of the Houston Texans.

Football recruiting:

Christian Michael: Still High on Horns
It's no secret that the Texas Longhorns tend to have their own style when it comes to college football recruiting. They try to recruit high character kids that love the University of Texas and no other player in the 2009 class fits the bill better than Beaumont West Brook's Christian Michael.

Whaley Being 'Patient' With Recruiting
Madisonville RB Chris Whaley is one of Texas' top running backs after posting back-to-back 2,000-yard seasons. With multiple scholarship offers in the bag, Whaley's stock will continue to rise as he prepares for off-season, and later on spring ball.

ScoutTV: Dravannti Johnson Senior Film
Dravannti Johnson made the move down to defensive end this year for Nederland High, but was still able to post some very impressive numbers. In this ScoutTV feature we take a look at Johnson in action from highlights of his senior season.

Men's hoops:

Barnes: Johnson's Return is 'Gonna Happen'
The University of Texas has yet to officially clear freshman forward Gary Johnson to play this season, but according to head coach Rick Barnes, Johnson's debut as a Longhorn this season is going to happen.

Texas jumps to No. 8 after weekend tournament win
Austin American-Statesman
Talk about vertical jumps. The Longhorn basketball team, propelled by a victory against Tennessee on Saturday, was elevated seven spots, to No. 8, in the Associated Press college basketball poll Monday.

UT, A&M men in Top 10 together
Dallas Morning News
The Texas and Texas A&M men's basketball teams went barreling into the Top 10 together Monday for the first time in the history of the schools.

Abrams stays on target
Daily Texan
A.J. Abrams couldn't seem to miss against New Mexico State. It didn't matter that most of his shots came from behind the 3-point line; he drained 75 percent of them. The 102-87 win put Texas into the tourney championship game where they promptly rolled over Tennessee 97-78. After scoring 31 points against the Aggies, Abrams had a relative off-night, scoring 21 points. The two-game performance helped Texas (5-0) vault to No. 8 in the rankings and earn Abrams Big 12 Conference Player of the Week honors.


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