Mark Buchanan: Practice Update

Five future Longhorns arrived in Orlando Sunday night in preparation for the Under Armour All-America game. Inside Texas caught up with Austin's Mark Buchanan to talk about his impressions of his future teammates and his performance during the first two days of practice.

"It's been going pretty well. It's pretty tiring, but it's going well," Mark Buchanan said when asked about White team practices. "They kind of treat us like a professional team. It's not like we are doing conditioning and all of us are hitting the crap out of each other. It gets pretty physical in the full pad morning practice, but in the second afternoon practice we went in just helmets. There is contact, but it's kept to a minimum. We always try to stay up and stay off the ground, so nobody gets hurt on our team."

It appears that Buchanan will likely start at left tackle for the White squad. So far, he has been pleased with his individual performance in practice.

"I think I have been doing real well actually," Buchanan said. "In these all-star games, it's kind of like a passing showcase. My pass-blocking has been really good at left tackle for the silver or white team or whatever you want to call it. It's been good. It helps to kind of get back in the rhythm of pads and go up against a little bit better competition than I have been, but I have been pretty pleased with my performance."

Buchanan's teammates on the White team, Antoine Hicks and D.J. Grant, have both been practicing at wide receiver. However, Buchanan hasn't had much of a chance to check out their performance in practice.

"Truthfully, I have kind of been occupied with my pass-blocking. It's kind of difficult blocking some of these guys, so I haven't really been able to see much of what's going on with the receivers," Buchanan said.

Buchanan hasn't had the opportunity to check out his future teammates in practice, but he did get to spend some time getting to know Grant on the plane ride from Austin to Orlando.

"I rode hear on the plane with D.J. We had the same flight out of Austin and we are in the same hotel together. He is a good guy and I know that he is very committed to Texas," Buchanan said when asked if he had been able to spend any time with fellow Longhorn commits away from practice. "I've seen some of the other guys a little bit, but it's kind of a big mass of people in the players lounge most of the time. There is always a lot going on."

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