One-on-One with Antoine Hicks

ORLANDO, FL -- Texas wide receiver commit Antoine Hicks talks about the experience of being in Orlando, his transition from quarterback to wide receiver and his impressions of the Holiday Bowl during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas after Under Armour practice on Thursday.

IT: What has the experience been like down here for you so far?

Antoine Hicks: It's been really good especially since it's my first time being up here. The atmosphere here is great. It's just huge over here. On the football squad, everybody is good and everybody is friendly. A lot of people know who we are. People have been expecting us to come over there to all the parks and people have been asking for autographs. It's been good.

IT: How has the transition from quarterback, which you played in high school, to wide receiver gone this week?

Hicks: Right now, it's good. At first, I had to kind of get into the rhythm of it because I have been playing quarterback. So, the first day was kind of rusty. Then the second day and today, I got all of the plays in and got all my routes down good. I'm catching the ball, so it's going good right now.

IT: How has practice been this week?

Hicks: Practice has been real fun. It's been real fun. We have been doing one-on-ones and seven-on-sevens and throwing a lot of balls. People have been running and everybody has been doing their job, so it's real good.

IT: Have you been able to spend any time with Texas' newest commit, D.J. Grant?

Hicks: Yeah, I've been talking to him. Sometimes when we take reps or when we're out of the huddle and just sitting around, we do talk. He told me who he was and I was just talking to him on the field and off the field trying to see what he is like. He is a very good person.

IT: Have you had a chance to hang out with any of the other UT commits?

Hicks: Those two people (DeSean Hales and Jarvis Humphrey) are the ones I am mainly with almost every day. We're close friends. We don't live too far away from each other. Well, me and Jarvis don't live too far away from each other, but we both keep in touch with DeSean and make sure he don't go away because we are going to be teammates and everything. We need to make sure we start those friendships early.

IT: What did you think of Texas' performance in the Holiday Bowl?

Hicks: It was real good. I know that they showed on ESPN that they thought the dude touched the ball, but I don't think he did because I was looking at the rotation and it didn't change at all. But, it was good. It was real good. I was glad they won.

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