Darrell Scott: I Love Everything About Texas

SAN ANTONIO - Things have changed in a hurry in the recruitment of Darrell Scott. With Longhorn running back Jamaal Charles announcing his intentions to head to the NFL, Scott told Inside Texas that it makes the Longhorns more enticing than Colorado.

IT: What was your reaction to Jamaal Charles leaving Texas to declare for the NFL draft?

Darrell Scott: It was big. That was my main concern. I don't want to sit. I definitely don't want to sit. I want to start as a freshman and get some playing time. That was huge. It's out of them and Colorado so far, but I need to take my trips to (Florida) and (LSU)."

IT: What is your schedule for remaining official visits?

Scott: Florida on January 11th and I haven't scheduled LSU so far.

IT: Are those the final trips you'll take?

Scott: Yes.

IT: There's a lot of speculation that you are headed to Colorado. What is your reaction to that?

Scott: I've heard so many rumors this year. I just call somebody and put it out there that Darrell isn't committed to that school.

IT: So why is your name synonymous with Colorado?

Scott: I don't know. Probably because I have family there with Josh Smith. He's a wide receiver. They think family comes first so I'm going to go there.

IT: It's been said that you are recruiting on behalf of Colorado here this week. Is that true?

Scott: (Laughing)…I've got this question so many times. No, I haven't. So many people come up to me and they're just like, "What do you think about this Colorado team and would you see yourself in a uniform there?" I just talk to those people.

IT: With Jamaal Charles gone, does that make Texas more enticing than Colorado?

Scott: Oh yeah. No doubt.

IT: How did you get the news that Jamaal was leaving Texas?

Scott: Somebody whispered in my ear. I can't let it out, but I've known for like four days and I've just been thinking about it.

IT: Have you talked to any of the Texas coaches since Jamaal's announcement?

Scott: No one so far. I've just been busy with interviews here.

IT: When are you going to announce your college choice?

Scott: February.

IT: On signing day?

Scott: I am.

IT: So what's your commitment status now?

Scott: Undecided.

IT: What are the pros and cons of Texas and Colorado?

Scott: Colorado, the weather. I don't like that weather. The pro is I like and have a good bond there. Family comes first, that thing, but I mean way out. With Texas, I just love everything. Really there's no cons. I love everything about Texas.

IT: What do you think of your official visit to Texas in November?

Scott: I liked it.

IT: While you're here in San Antonio, are you going to visit Texas again unofficially?

Scott: No, I'm not.

IT: Could that change?

Scott: I've got to get home.

IT: Is it really a Colorado-Texas race for you?

Scott: And maybe Florida can hop in the driver's seat if they show me a good time.

IT: When is the last time you talked to a Texas coach?

Scott: Last week.

IT: Who was it?

Scott: Coach Rucker.

IT: How did that conversation go?

Scott: Fine.

IT: Anything else to add about Texas?

Scott: Stay tuned.

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