Rahim Moore: Taking a Visit to Austin

SAN ANTONIO -- Los Angeles safety Rahim Moore talks about his planned official visit to Texas, his interest in the Longhorns and his commitment to UCLA during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: Is it true that you're going to take an official visit to Texas?

Rahim Moore: Yes. I think we set up a date for the 24th (of January).

IT: Will you visit Texas unofficially while you are here in San Antonio?

Moore: No. I'm really going on an official there. I'm going there on the 24th. I'm going to North Carolina on the 11th (of January), 18th (of January) I'm going to Arizona and my last go-round is Texas.

IT: What's your commitment status right now?

Moore: I'm pretty much open, because you know there's some things going on at UCLA so I'm just waiting to see what they're going to do and how things go. That's why I'm kind of having a backup plan for everything I'm looking for. I told Texas I'm really interested. I know they put out great (defensive backs) and have a great coaching staff so I told them I wouldn't mind going down there. A couple of players on the team told me they want me to come and they need (defensive backs). I really want to consider them. That's why I want to make them my last and best trip.

IT: Which Texas coach is recruiting you?

Moore: I forgot his name, but he's the receiver coach. He came down there one day and checked me out. He had seen an interview that said I was interested in Texas. I had quoted that I never heard from Texas. I've been a fan since I was young. I used to love Ricky Williams and stuff like that. I know all the (defensive backs) they have put out.

IT: When is the last time you talked to Texas?

Moore: They just sent me a booklet and a little handwritten note from Mack Brown and everybody from the staff. They called me once before their bowl game. I think it was while they were in the locker room I believe. It was one of these days. I forgot, but they called me one day and told me that they're interested and they can't wait to see me play in Texas. I guess somebody said that one of their guys was going to come down there and check me out, but I haven't got a chance to see them.

IT: So you do have legitimate interest in Texas?

Moore: Oh yeah. High interest. Highly.

IT: You live in Los Angeles. Is this your first trip to Texas?

Moore: First time. I love it out here. The people are cool. Everybody's greeting you, telling you good job and everybody's generous. Pretty much it's a good environment, you know, to get away from LA and have a good vacation, but also to come out here and handle business and have fun.

IT: When are you going to make your college decision?

Moore: That's a good question. I haven't even figured that out. I'll probably have my decision by the end of January. After my final trip, I'll talk to my family, you know sit down and tell them where I want to go. Hopefully, I'll be able to have it by the first of February.

IT: Could you see yourself playing for Texas?

Moore: Oh yeah. Cornerback, safety, anything they put me at. I know they've got good coaching. I know they're known for their (defensive backs) to win Thorpe Awards. That's my goal to win a Thorpe award.

IT: Really?

Moore: Oh yeah.

IT: So are you still committed to UCLA?

Moore: Yes, but I'm looking elsewhere like how I've been all year. I'm just going on trips to make sure I'm really making the right decision. This is one of my biggest decisions I'll ever make in my life. I'm still UCLA. If the coaching staff and everything works out and I feel that's where I need to be, then that's where I need to be. I'm always looking at them 105 percent, because they were the first ones to offer and the first ones to introduce me to all this so I really have a bond with them. That's why I want to go out there to Texas and really see how it is and then compare and talk to my family and everything."

IT: With new UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel being hired, are the Bruins keeping the coach that has recruited you?

Moore: Oh yeah.

IT: Who is that coach?

Moore: DeWayne Walker. He's the (defensive) coordinator. That's my main guy. He's actually staying. He wants to coach the guys that's coming in there.

IT: Has Coach Neuheisel called you yet?

Moore: No, I haven't had a chance to talk to him.

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