Player Journal: Russell Shepard

Cy Ridge quarterback and 2009 Texas target Russell Shepard gives the second of his player journals, allowing him to speak unfiltered. Shepard takes us day-by-day through last week, talks about the recruiting process, which school just got back on his radar and a special connection he has with LSU.

Russell Shepard Journal Entry for January 7-12

Monday, January 7
I started the first day of track practice. Coach had us running (16) 200-meter runs. When I got in from track practice, my coach pulled me into his office and told me ESPN just called him.

They want to set up a game either against Matt Barkley or against Garrett Gilbert. If you know me, you know whom I want to play...LOL.

Tuesday, January 8
Today I was invited to the LSU track meet. Me, Hasan (Lipscomb, my cousin Craig Loston, and a cat from Westfield. We are supposed to run on the 11 and 12 of this week.

Wednesday, January 9
My homeboy A.J. Highsmith just called me. He called to let me know that I am still No. 1 on (TX) A&M's recruiting board. You see AJ and his father went down there today to give coach Mike Sherman a tape of AJ. To be honest with you, I think A&M is back on my radar.

Thursday, January 10
Today I got five different calls from quarterback coaches across the state. I am looking for a quarterback's coach who is top of the line. AJ's dad said that Peyton Manning's coach wouldn't mind training me and said he is based down here in Houston.

Friday, January 11
We just got to the LSU meet. Tell me why we ran a 1:30 in the 4x200 meter relay. We were rolling. I really like LSU and love it more as a bonus because my girlfriend goes there. I got to see her this week while I was up here. And besides, they really didn't recruit a quarterback for the Class of 2008 and only took one quarterback in 2007 (Jarrett Lee). So that means if I go there, there is not going to be a lot of depth at that position.

Saturday, January 12
We got smoked today. We ended up running a 1:32 in the 4x200 meter relay which is two seconds slower than yesterday. I am glad that I am a football player because these cats here are fast. When I got home I needed to check my mail. I haven't checked my mail in two days and I had 20 letters from Texas, Texas A&M, Virginia, Arizona State, and Michigan State. I also had a couple other schools that I don't feel like looking at. On the way home Craig and I talked about going to school together. So don't be surprised if you see Russell Shepard and Craig Loston committing to the same school.

Russell Shepard's player journal is also published on Texas Prep Insider, the Texas High School football site on the network.

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